Far Cry 5: How To Beat The Game In 10 Minutes | Easter Egg Ending Guide

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Don’t want to cause problems? You don’t have to in Far Cry 5. The inciting incident, the turning point of this tale begins in the prologue, with your character entering Joseph Seed’s Montana compound and arresting the cult. Instead of going through with the arrest, you can simply… walk away. Nothing happens. The world doesn’t fall apart, and the cult doesn’t lash out — you can enjoy a peaceful early ending with this little Easter egg.

This secret comes off the well-received (and very similar) early ending found in Far Cry 4. When travelling to your homeland and encountering the evil dictator of said country, Pagan Min, you can actually take his advice — sitting the player down for dinner, Pagan asks you to stay seated while he takes care of some business. The business, as it turns out, is torturing a rebel. Ignore his screams for a few minutes, and Pagan will return, allowing you to leave the country in peace without setting off a widescale rebellion.

The same logic applies here. Don’t step out of line and do the right thing — or you’ll have a whole mess of trouble on your hands. Check out the video below, showing the entire prologue and secret ending.

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Early Ending Easter Egg Guide

In the prologue, you play as a US Marshal about to issue a warrant for the arrest of Joseph Seed, the psychopathic leader of a well-armed cult. Landing in his compound by helicopter, you and a small group of federal agents approach Seed’s church on the edge of the camp. Inside, flanked by his followers, a shirtless Seed sermonizes.

After the guards clear out, Seed will raise his hands — prepared to be cuffed. This is where you can trigger the alternate ending. Instead of cuffing him, wait for about two minutes. After the time has passed, the sheriff will lower Seed’s hands, and you’ll leave the compound in peace.

And that’s it! You leave, the game ends, and… well, it wasn’t very exciting. It’s still a fun Easter egg, and I’m glad Ubisoft are willing to throw in a little extra effort to these early scenes. Keep watching Gameranx for more video and text guides when Far Cry 5 officially releases on 4/27.