Far Cry 5: How To Unlock The Alien Energy Gun | ‘Science Fact’ Guide

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Want to explore the mysteries of the cosmos? You sort of can in Far Cry 5, with this completely bonkers set of side-missions. After liberating a very strange man from a local laboratory, you’ll visit crop circles and other odd phenomena that’s been going around Hope County. As it turns out, there are aliens — and you can collect weird objects as you complete Larry’s set of missions — and you’ll get an awesome alien-inspired weapon at the end of this journey.

Of course, these missions are completely optional and don’t have to be finished to beat the main story. Far Cry 5 is full of weird little missions like this, and you’ll only find them if you actually explore the environment. Taking a cue from Skyrim or Fallout 4, you’ll get quest pop-ups when you reach an interesting location, and talking to the nearby folks can unlock points-of-interest on your map that you’ll probably want to check out.

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Alien Quest Guide |  Science Fact Achievement / Trophy

To start the alien quest and (eventually) unlock an awesome alien super-weapon called the Magnapulse, you’ll need to find Larry. Talk to Larry, and you’ll start his alien-based quest-line. There are four quests in this chain you can complete.

  • How To Find Larry: Go to Parker Laboratories in John Seed’s territory. Travel west from Fall’s End to find the lab.

After finding Larry, you’ll start the “Free Larry” side-mission. To save Larry, you’ll need to disable all three generators in the area. They’ll be marked on your map after selecting his side-mission. When Larry is free, you’ll be able to start the alien-based side-missions properly.

  • Larry’s Alien Quests:
    • Free Larry
    • The Hero’s Journey
    • Close Encounters
    • Out Of This World


The toughest quest is Close Encounters, where you’ll have to visit a crop circle and collect four hidden alien objects in the area.

  • Close Encounters – Alien Objects Locations:
    1. In the crop circle itself. Look on one of the cleared area for a gaggle of turkeys surrounding the first weird alien object.
    2. Listen for the barking dog after scaring the turkeys. He’s on the edge of the field. Move closer and chase the dog — eventually he’ll drop the glowing alien object.
    3. The next one is located at the top of the large silo in Bradbury Farm. Climb the smaller silos and jump over the rooftops to reach the platform on the side of the larger one.
    4. The last object is found in the center of a small cultist camp in the crop circle field.

Complete all the quests to get the special weapon. You can find and equip it in the special weapons tab at any gun store, below the LMGs and Rocket Launchers.