Far Cry 5: Get Unique Rewards From The First Live Event | ‘Well Done’ Guide

Unlock the unique ‘Flamebearer’ suit and ‘Flamebearer’ flamethrower for completing the first of many Live Events in Far Cry 5. Live Events are special challenges you (and the community) can join to earn bonus rewards — including up to 100 free Silver Bars. Each Live Event can be activated through the Online tab from the map menu. Select “Live Events” while connected to the internet to get started.

The first Live Event sends players on a quest to burn animals without using the flamethrower or Molotov cocktails. That might seem initially impossible if you’re only faintly aware of some of the deeper mechanics in Far Cry 5, but there are easier ways to burn creatures. The repair torch, incendiary ammo, and incendiary arrows actually make this challenge much, much easier. The fire is usually enough to take your target down — but not always. Learn what you’ll unlock, and the easier way to get to 20 in the quick guide below.

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To access the first Live Event, open the menu anytime in-game and select the “Online” tab. From here, select “Live Events” — there’s a new Live Event every week, and each one unlocks special weapons and items for the player if you can successfully complete the challenge within the time limit.

From the “Live Events” menu you can begin the quest and complete it at any point in the game.

  • Quest: Well Done
    • Active Through: 4/3/18-4/10/18
    • Objective: Kill animals with fire. Molotovs and the flamethrower are not allowed.

To burn enemies, you’ll need to use Flame Arrows or the Repair Torch. Unlock the Repair Torch in the Perks menu and equip it, then simply activate it near enemies to light them on fire — fire arrows work a little bit better. You can build them (or purchase them after unlocking the Black Market perk) and swap ammo types in the Weapon Wheel. Only Bows or the Slingshot can use Fire Arrows. You can also purchase Incendiary Ammo.

  • Travel to the farms around John’s Region, outside of Fall’s End. There are plenty of cow farms you can raid to the south to complete this challenge in only 15 minutes.

Go to hunting spots with incendiary ammo and Boomer, then start picking off animals. One arrow is enough. The meat / skins will be ruined, so they won’t sell for much.

  • Live Event Rewards: 
    • Score 20 Animal Kills Solo: Unlock the ‘Flamebearer’ Prestige Flamethrower Skin
    • Community Scores 250,000 Animal Kills: Unlock the ‘Flamebearer’ outfit for character customization. [Already complete! Login and accept the quest to immediately get the outfit.]

Live Events aren’t just solo. The game will also count the amount of community participants, and unlock Silver Bars / special rewards depending on how far the progress bar has moved. If the personal progression bar / community progression bar are at 50%, you’ll earn some Silver Bars. At 100%, you’ll get a special item — the Flamebearer outfit or Flamebearer prestige flamethrower. Don’t worry, it’s just a skin — the Flamebearer weapon isn’t any better than a standard flamethrower.