Far Cry 5: How To Unlock Every Achievement / Trophy | 100% Completion Guide

Complete the hunt for achievements or trophies with our 100% completion guide for Far Cry 5, explaining how you can unlock everything.

Like previous entries in the long-running series, this is all about completing missions and finding little secret stuff. Shockingly, there is no lengthy collectible hunt — instead, you’ll just need to collect one of each collectible item in your playthrough.

Many of the achievements are like that. You don’t have to do all the stunt races — just one stunt race per region. It’s very lenient, but there are always going to be challenging achievements / trophies that can be annoying to unlock. We’ll break those down and explain the easiest possible way to unlock them.

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How To Unlock Every Achievement / Trophy | 100% Completion Guide

Solo Campaign Achievements / Trophies

  • Science Fact (20 points / Bronze)
    • Put aside skepticism and help Larry (Solo Campaign only).

To unlock this achievement / trophy, travel down to John’s Region and find Parker Laboratories west from Fall’s End. When you approach the area, you’ll find a weird metal cage that’s electrified. Turn it off and follow Larry’s quests to earn this achievement / trophy and get the Magnapulsar weapon.

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  • Ain’t No Wallflower (20 points / Bronze)
    • Who are these people? Speak to 50 citizens of Hope County (Solo Campaign only).

Very simple, just continue to talk to people with “!” over their heads. You can talk to just about anyone — drive around Hope County and rescue people to talk to them. Stop prison vans or rescue prisoners being held hostage on the street, and you’ll be able to get this done far before completing the main story.

  • Liberator (10 points / Bronze)
    • Liberate 5 locations from the Project at Eden’s Gate (Campaign only).

Around the map, you’ll find large outposts controlled by the cult. You can find outposts by talking to random NPCs, or just looking to the horizon — outposts are easy to spot. Large black smoke clouds in the distance mark an outpost location. You can clear outposts in any way you want. You can sneak, disable alerts, or just shoot everyone with your buddy.

  • What Now? (20 points / Bronze)
    • Complete 3 Side Missions in Hope County (Solo Campaign only).

Side-missions appear right at the start, after clearing Dutch’s Island. Dutch will send you on missions throughout Hope County. You’ll see buddy icons all over the map — complete any of these buddy icon missions and you’ll earn this achievement and trophy very quickly.

  • The Greatest SOB That Ever Lived (15 points / Bronze)
    • Laugh in danger’s face by executing a Clutch Nixon stunt in each region (Solo Campaign only).

Another side-quest you’ll find while exploring — Clutch Nixon shrines will send you back in time to attempt famous stunts. These appear everywhere, and you’ll find Clutch Nixon spots while finishing main missions. Do one mission in each region to complete the challenge.

  • A Wing And A Prayer (20 points / Bronze)
    • Fly Nick’s plane. Hopefully you’re not afraid of heights (Solo Campaign only).

Go down to Nick’s hangar southwest of Fall’s End in John’s Region and start his quest. He’ll send you to John Seed’s house — steal back Nick’s plane and you’ll be able to fly as early and as often as you want. The Nick buddy icon is right next to the Aviation map marker.

  • The Hurk Locker (10 points / Bronze)
    • Truly bond with Hurk by destroying 15 vehicles together (Campaign only).

Find Hurk in the far north of Jacob’s Region. Hurk’s buddy icon is the furthest north. Unlock him by completing his starting quest, and you’ll be able to summon him at any time. Work with him and drive around all the time to finish this achievement / trophy.

  • Troublemaker (20 points / Silver)
    • Discover the joys of destroying cult property in every region (Solo Campaign only).

All three regions have cult property you can smash. Look for large silos that are painted red, cult tankers, or shrines. Remote or proximity explosives can be used to destroy cult property easily — or even rocket launchers, if you want to bring one along. It’s very likely you’ll earn this achievement just while completing the main story.

  • Sewer Rat (15 points / Bronze)
    • Destroy a cult water treatment pump and make them thirst for revenge (Solo Campaign only).

Complete story quests from the main quest-givers in Faith’s Region to eventually complete this optional mission.

  • Peachy Keen (10 points / Bronze)
    • Bait Peaches into going back home (Solo Campaign only).

To find Peaches the Mountain Lion, go to the mountain lion icon that appears on your map after completing Dutch’s Island. In the quest, you’ll have to collect treats and then equip them. Throw the treats down to lure Peaches back to her cage. At the end of the quest, you’ll earn this achievement / trophy.

  • Kicking the Hornet’s Nest (20 points / Bronze)
    • Trigger the wrath of a Herald (Solo Campaign only).

Each region is controlled by a Herald. As you raise the Resistance Meter, you’ll reach new Resistance Levels — at Resistance Level 1, the Heralds will fight back and begin to send forces to capture or kill you. You’ll get this achievement / trophy naturally, just by playing through the campaign.

  • Extra Crafty (20 points / Bronze)
    • Craft 25 recipes (Campaign only).

To craft items, open the weapon wheel and scroll down to the bottom three throwables. You can craft items using collected materials — simply construct throwables (scroll left / right and press [Triangle / Y] to craft) 25 times to complete this challenge. You can do it at any time.

  • Hitting it Off (10 points / Bronze)
    • Play 3 quests with a friend (Campaign only).

The only coop only campaign achievement / trophy, simply complete three quests with a friend. You can join a friend’s game, or a friend can join you.

  • Survivalist (0 points / Silver)
    • Purchase half of all perks available (Campaign only).

Continue to play and you’ll eventually earn enough perk points to unlock half the skills. Raid Prepper Stashes are a good source for fast perk points. You can earn at least three perk points per prepper stash if you’re lucky.

Campaign Cash Achievements / Trophies

  • Locked and Loaded (10 points / Bronze)
    • Buy all attachments for one weapon (Campaign only).
  • Fashion First (15 points / Bronze)
    • Purchase $1000 in clothing (Campaign only).
  • Big Spender (10 points / Bronze)
    • Spend $50000 in Vehicle Shops (Campaign only).
  • Stocked Garage (20 points / Bronze)
    • Buy 3 vehicles to populate your garage (Campaign only).

To make money, hunt animals at any hunting spot and throw down bait to summon predators. Blast the predators too, then take your findings home. Sell, and you’ll quickly make enough money to buy all the customization options for a weapon — only the attachments are required. Garages are found all over the map, including in Fall’s End, and all you have to do is spend lots of cash.

Campaign Collectibles Achievements / Trophies

  • Scavenger (10 points / Bronze)
    • Follow the clues to the end of 3 treasure hunts (Solo Campaign only).

As you explore Hope County and talk to NPCs, you’ll get rumors about ‘Prepper Stashes’ — there are lots of these stash locations, and they are literally everywhere. You’ll find stashes in some outposts, or in houses / buildings along roads. Visit any location, even if it seems abandoned, and look for diamond icons on your map. To “complete” a prepper stash, you need to reach the end of the stash and collect all the cash / perk magazine rewards.

  • Been There, Done That (15 points / Bronze)
    • Complete all Hunting & Fishing Challenges (Campaign only).

As you drive around Hope County, stop when you see signs with small eye-shaped icons. When you look at these signs long enough, you’ll get animal / fishing hunting spots on your map. Do this every time you see one, and you’ll be able to locate hunting spots for every single animal type.

For more help finding hunting spots and fishing spots, check out our complete guides here. You’ll also find all four fishing rods while hunting down all the hard fishing spots.

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  • Hope County Master Angler (30 points / Silver)
    • Acquire all 4 Fishing Rods (Campaign only).

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  • Pack Rat (20 points / Silver)
    • Grab 1 of each collectible item. You never know when it will come in handy (Solo Campaign only).

To get the Pack Rat trophy, you only need to collect one of each collectible. There are six collectibles, and you can purchase maps for all six types. To unlock collectible maps, find and talk to NPCs that give you collectible item quests. Learn more on our full ‘Pack Rat’ guide here.

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Campaign Challenge Achievements / Trophies

  • Death From Above (15 points / Bronze)
    • Drop a bomb from a plane and destroy or disable 4 vehicles at once (Campaign only).

One of the easiest challenge achievements / trophies to completely cheese. All you have to do is drive four cars and place them around an airplane — you’ll find plenty of airplanes with bombs at Nick’s airfield in John’s Region, or you can summon an airplane at any landing stripe once you’ve unlocked one. Simply drive four cars around the airplane, then drive between them and drop a bomb while you’re still on the ground. Yes, you’ll die but the achievement / trophy will still pop..]

  • Ghost Kill (10 points / Bronze)
    • Perform a Headshot kill with any bow or rifle on any cultist more than 150m away (Campaign only).

Get the Marksman Adv-X Scope for any of the Sniper Rifles in the game — even the standard AR-CL will work. Customize the weapon at a Gun Store, then travel to an outpost. The Sacred Skies Youth Camp is a good outpost to attack. Start from the north, uphill, and place a marker on an enemy from far away. If you mark them, you’ll get the distance too.

  • Ace Killer (10 points / Bronze)
    • Destroy 10 planes while driving any aerial vehicle (Campaign only).

Pretty simple. Go down to Nick Rye’s Aviation in John’s Region to start flying airplanes with guns mounted on them. Wait until you reach Resistance Level 1/2/3 in John’s Region and he will begin sending airplanes to hunt you down. The same thing happens in every region — I recommend trying to get this achievement / trophy before defeating all three heralds.

  • Squash and Run (10 points / Bronze)
    • Run over and kill 20 enemies (Campaign only)

Another simple one. Grab any vehicle and run down cultists walking on the road. Even if they have hostages, you can run down both — if you only accidentally hurt a civilian one-at-a-time, you won’t fail. While driving around naturally, you’re bound to run over lots of cultists.

  • Fertilizing the Land (10 points / Bronze)
    • Using a tractor, obliterate 5 enemies (Campaign only).

Find tractors driven by cultists in the large fields in John’s Region. You can visit Bradbury Farm or just wander the fields outside of Fall’s End to find one of the threshing tractors. When you collect it, just drive around and follow the same general steps as the ‘Squash and Run’ guide. Run down cultists on the side of the road until this pops.

  • Opportunity Knocks (10 points / Bronze)
    • Using rocks or cans, distract 15 enemies (Campaign only).

At the start of the game, you’ll have the ability to distract with rocks or cans. Press [Down] on the D-Pad to toss a stone / can. When an enemy hears the noise, they’ll say something, then walk toward the disturbance. Make sure to let them walk toward the sound before killing them!

  • Road Gunner (15 points / Bronze)
    • While driving or leaning out of a vehicle, kill 25 enemies (Campaign only).

Any of your on-foot human buddies (including basic soldiers) can drive for you. Place a marker on your map to generate a waypoint and an auto-drive path. After then, summon a buddy and get in the passenger seat. Now you can be driven around. Enemies on any of the roads where the Heralds are still in control are plentiful, so just take out everyone you run into.

  • Fish Market (10 points / Bronze)
    • Sell 20 fish for cash (Campaign only).

Around the map, while driving, you’ll see blue signs with a fish symbol. Look at those signs for a moment and you’ll discover a fishing spot. Keep visiting fishing spots, catching a few fish and returning to the closest gun store to sell your findings. Most fish aren’t too hard to catch, and every fishing spot has a fishing rod you can use.

  • Where’s the Beef? (15 points / Bronze)
    • Tenderize a bull with your bare hands. To death (Campaign only).

Bring plenty of medkits and create the homeopathic concoction “The Furious” to make yourself more powerful and kill a bull faster. Travel to the large square-shaped field west of Fall’s End to find a few bulls, then you can kill a bull with your bare hands. It also helps to get health upgrades. You can also set the difficulty down to easy.

  • Ignoble Beasts (10 points / Bronze)
    • Kill a bison using only melee weapons (Campaign only).

This one isn’t nearly as tough as ‘Where’s the Beef’. Grab a pipe or any other melee weapon, consume “The Furious” medicine from your weapon wheel, and go to town on some bison. They’re pretty common, but you can find a hunting spot east of the Moonflower Trailer Park in Faith’s Region.

  • Like A Bird (10 points / Bronze)
    • Use a wingsuit to travel more than 5000m (Campaign only).

Way easier than it sounds. All you have to do is grab an airplane or helicopter and fly as high as you can. After unlocking the Wingsuit from the Perks menu, press [R3] after bailing out. Just keep flying, and you’ll eventually hit the travelling range — you don’t even have to do this in one. After landing, fly up again and reset to quickly unlock the achievement / trophy.

  • Close and Personal (20 points / Silver)
    • Perform 25 close combat Takedown Kills (Campaign only).

You’ll learn how to use Takedowns in the very first island of the game. Unlock the mastery perk to gain chain takedowns and other useful abilities to make earning this even easier.

  • Explosive Surprise (20 points / Silver)
    • Kill 5 enemies with sabotaged vehicles (Campaign only).

Eventually you’ll be able to unlock the “Saboteur” perk ability, allowing you to sabotage vehicles. Drive around until you find cultists parked on the side of the road. Sneak to the car, sabotage it, and sneak away to blow them up — get 5 kills and you’re done.

ARCADE Achievements / Trophies

  • ARCADE Player (40 points / Silver)
    • Reach level 20 in the Arcade (Arcade only).

Access ARCADE machines or posters to enter the ARCADE mode while in the campaign. This can be done solo and only takes about 90 minutes of gameplay. If you join someone, you’ll be able to gain levels even faster.

  • ARCADE Hero (15 points / Bronze)
    • Play the ‘Arcade Hero’ mode 5 times (Arcade only).

Very simple. Just play this mode 5 times.

  • ARCADE Hunter (15 points / Bronze)
    • Kill 100 enemies in Arcade Multiplayer maps (Arcade only).

Like all ARCADE achievements / trophies, just do what it says. There’s no trick here. You can only do this achievement / trophy in multiplayer.

  • ARCADE Enthusiast (20 points / Bronze)
    • Successfully complete 10 featured Arcade maps in Solo or Co-op (Arcade only).

Play through “Featured” maps in Arcade, which is a special category at the top of the map list. Select only featured maps and complete them — after 10, you’ll get this achievement / trophy. I recommend aiming for easier difficulty maps to get through this challenge faster.

  • ARCADE Competitor (10 points / Bronze)
    • Win 10 featured maps in Multiplayer (Arcade only).

Probably the trickiest. All you have to do is play “Featured” Multiplayer maps. You’ll have to win — just keep trying, and you’ll be able to win the map.

Hidden Trophies / Secret Achievements

The last achievements / trophies contain spoilers. None of these achievements / trophies can be missed, and all of them will be unlocked as you complete the main campaign story. There’s no trick to these, so you don’t need to check them out early.

  • The Spark (20 points / Bronze)
    • Complete the game intro by liberating Dutch’s island (Solo Campaign only).
  • You Are Wrath (50 points / Silver)
    • Be deemed the Sin of Wrath (Solo Campaign only).
  • Special Delivery (10 points / Bronze)
    • Ensure a baby’s safe passage into this world (Solo Campaign only).
  • Only You (50 points / Silver)
    • Successfully complete the First Trial (Solo Campaign only).
  • Walk The Path (20 points / Bronze)
    • Discover the Bliss (Solo Campaign only).
  • Together Forever (100 points / Gold)
    • Get to the End (Solo Campaign only).
  • Saving Deputy Hudson (50 points / Gold)
    • Save Deputy Hudson (Solo Campaign only).
  • Blissful (50 points / Silver)
    • Save the Marshal from the Bliss (Solo Campaign only).
  • Saving Sheriff Whitehorse (15 points / Bronze)
    • Save Sheriff Whitehorse (Solo Campaign only).
  • Saving Deputy Pratt (10 points / Bronze)
    • Save Deputy Pratt (Solo Campaign only).