Far Cry 5: All Animal Hunting Locations | ‘Been There, Done That’ Guide

Hunting isn’t quite as important in Far Cry 5, but it’s still an important activity you’ll want to complete. Why? Because you’ll get lots of perks just for completing the many, many hunting challenges in the game.

Instead of finding animal skins to craft specific upgrades, you’ll just need perk points to enhance your carrying capacity — and hunting a certain amount of skins completes challenges, which in turn reward you with perks. Oh, and there’s an achievement / trophy for finishing all the hunting (and fishing) challenges called ‘Been There, Done That’.

Below, we’ll cover where you can find at least one (or two) animal hunting spots. These animals are everywhere, and they tend to spawn in various types. You only need to skin the general type of animal — nothing super specific. An alpha caribou is still a caribou. Check your challenge menu to see how many skins you need to complete each. It’s always between one and four skins.

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All Animal Hunting Locations

To earn the ‘Been There, Done That’ achievement / trophy, you’ll need to complete all the hunting challenges. To do that, you’ll need to find hunting / fishing spots that are exclusive to some regions. 

To make hunting every animal easier, use Boomer as your Fang-for-Hire companion. He will automatically mark nearby enemies that you can hunt.

For help finding all the fishing spots required for this achievement / trophy, go to the fishing guide below.

Holland Valley (John’s Region) – Animal Locations

  • Deer: Deer are common, but you can find a hunting ground near the river, southeast from the Redler Residence.
  • Elk: Search the trees northwest of Fall’s End. There’s a small community of houses north, with houses off dirt roads. You’ll find elk in this community. 
  • Wild Boar: Found in the area north of the Redler Creek map marker. Beside a large body of water.
  • Wolverine: These angry, wild predators are found in the northwest corner of John’s Region, on the approach to that big “YES” sign.
  • Black Bear: Kill docile (green) animals, then drop bait to summon bears just about anywhere. If you’re tracking them down, they’re pretty rare — search the mountains far north of the Lamb of God Church.
  • Turkey: These are all over the place. Find them in the fields of Bradbury Farm, or on the northwest corner of Rye & Sons Aviation airfield.
  • Bald Eagle: Eagles are strangely rare. Find them flying around Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Field, or on the hills far south of that farm. Or, you can complete Bo’s side-mission (go to his cave in Jacob’s Region, just keep saving and talking to people) to encounter an eagle nest.


Whitetail Mountains (Jacob’s Region) – Animal Locations

  • Deer: Deer are everywhere, but you can find a hunting spot on the north shore of Longford Lake, near one (or two) gun shops.
  • Caribou: Found throughout Jacob’s Region. Look in the river basin southwest of the F.A.N.G. Center, or found in the forth northeast mountains in the same area.
  • Bison: On the southern edge of Jacob’s Region. From the road leading to Joseph Seed’s island, travel west and check out the grassland where the Moccassin River meets the lake.
  • Wolf: You’ll find wolves anywhere. Collect bait from docile (green) animals, then toss the bait on the ground. You’ll either attract wolves or bears. Or, check just west of the Baron Lumber Mill.
  • Cougar: Just like wolves, bait can summon a cougar. Or, you can find them on the northeast corner of Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm.
  • Grizzly Bear: High on the hill between Fort Drubman and the F.A.N.G. Center. Like Black Bears, you can also summon them with standard bait collected from docile animal types.

Henbane River (Faith’s Region) – Animal Locations

  • Pronghorn: One hunting spot is located in a wooded area between Hope County Jail and Dead Man’s River. Go west from the jail on the road just south of the river to locate this pronghorn hunting spot.
  • Moose: All over the place, but you can quickly locate a moose hunting group in the hills north of Peaches Taxidermy, or south of Drubman Marina.
  • Hare: Travel northwest from the Moonflower Trailer Park to find a hunting location. These tiny animals are really fast, so bring an automatic, a shotgun, or be patient and don’t spook them.
  • Skunk: Check the road along the southwest shore of Rock Bass Lake. There’s a parked quad in the field with a skunk hunting spot.