Far Cry 5: Easter Eggs Guide | Vaas, Blood Dragons, Pee Tapes & More

Pagan Min and Stephen King, alien guns, secret endings, and political intrigue — Far Cry 5 has all that stuff and more. The game is packed with Easter eggs, and we’re going to break down all of them we can find. From the simple bobbleheads you can buy in the uPlay storefront, to some of the more obscure locations you’ll want to check out for a surprise.

Hope County, Montana is a huge place, so it’s pretty likely we missed something. We’ll keep this page updated with any other new secrets we can find.

Far Cry 5 might seem like a deep, dark trip into the madness of modern American — but really, it’s just as silly and over-the-top as ever, leaning into the dumber side of the series harder than ever. Maybe that’s social commentary? Or just Ubisoft being Ubisoft. Either way, there’s plenty of little references hidden all over the place, and we’re hungry to dig them all up. Let’s get started.

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Easter Eggs Guide

[Work-in-Progress: We’ll add more Easter eggs as they’re discovered. Let us know if there’s an Easter egg we missed!]


Pennywise The Clown’s Sewer Lair – IT

While exploring the roads west of Fall’s End, you might encounter a crashed prison bus that’s been marked on the map. Check it out to find evidence of fowl play — and a path to a sewer grate with a red balloon hanging outside. While you won’t find any evil clowns, this is totally a reference to IT. First of all, the red balloon is a dead giveaway — then there’s the huge sewer, reminiscent of the entrance to the evil creature’s lair from the famously creepy novel by Stephen King.

King’s Hot Springs Hotel – The Shining

Want more Stephen King references? Check out the King’s Hot Springs Hotel and explore the spooky Room 301. Even after recapturing the hotel outpost, located in Faith’s Region, along the southern shore of Rock Bass Lake, you’ll get a warning from the sheriff — most people think the place is haunted. And they’re probably right.

Go to Room 301 on the top floor and pick the lock to find bloody handprints and creepy messages / sounds in the room. This is probably a reference to the super-spooky Room 237 from Stephen King’s The Shining, a book about a slightly different murder hotel. Bad stuff goes down in Room 237. Or, it could be a more general Stephen King reference — that guy does love murders, after all.

The Blood Dragon Movie Set – Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Get a taste of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, the neon-glazed standalone shooter that brought heaps of ’80s ridiculousness to Far Cry 3 — in the form of a movie set. Find the Grimalkin Radon Mine east of the Hope County Jail. There, you can take on a job for the movie’s director, Guy Marvel, and he doesn’t like traditional narratives.

For completing this quest, you even get one of the best outfits in the game — a set of Omega Armor, worn by the anonymous henchmen you blast in Blood Dragon.

Larry & The UFO – Magnopulser Gun

You don’t want to miss Larry and his weird Magnopulser Gun. In one of the weirder sidequests, you’ll find Larry over in Parker Laboratories, east of Fall’s End in John’s Region. His goal? To find real aliens in the universe, teleport to them, and save the day. The entire thing is pretty ridiculous, leading you to find real alien objects, and finally giving you a weird new weapon called the Magnopulser after he successfully teleports into space.

Silliest of all are his extremely meta comments. The name of his teleporting machine, in acronym form, is “DLC” — and he talks about “changing things just enough to justify the cost.” — which is a pretty obvious meta-commentary on DLC. At least you get a cool, weird alien gun out of the ordeal.

Vaas, Pagan Min & Rabbids Bobbleheads

If you check out the car customization page, you’ll find bobbleheads you can purchase and add to the dash of your vehicle. The first, the “Hawaiin” bobblehead actually has a Vaas (Far Cry 3’s villain) head on top. Then there are the exclusive Ubisoft store items — using your Uplay points, you can get a Pagan Min, the villain of Far Cry 4. You can also get a rabbid, one of the weird Ubisoft rabbit mascots.

Cave Drawings – Far Cry: Primal

Found in caves all over the region, you can find cave paintings. There isn’t a whole lot to these, but they’re very likely meant to callback to the previous entry in the series — Far Cry: Primal. Set in the ancient past when mankind was just beginning to develop civilization, these images recall a simpler time, when opposing tribes simply clubbed each other over their differences, instead of shooting at each other.

You can find one of these drawings in Frobisher’s Cave, up the road north of the Reservoir Construction Yard in John’s Region.

The Pee Tape 

The infamous, and not quite yet confirmed President Trump “Pee Tape” makes a small appearance in Far Cry 5. No, you don’t get to watch it — but you do get to recover it from a Russian agent hiding in the cult territory, looking to escape from a returning government agent. Yup, Agent Huntley from Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 returns for a very minor cameo.

Instead of playing one of your central mission-givers, Huntley is only here for the tape. You’ll do a secret stealth mission, tailing a helicopter to the safehouse so you can recover the tape. After performing this great service, rather than help the beleaguered people of Hope County, Agent Huntley gets a sweet government promotion and leaves. Thanks for the memories, Huntley.

The Secret Ending

It’s been covered here on Gameranx, but the secret ending is one of those interesting little Easter eggs that’s really easy to miss on your first playthrough. Right at the start of the game, you and a group of law enforcement arrive to arrest Joseph Seed, the murderous leader of an insane cult.

Instead of following the prompt and arresting the man, you’ll simply walk away with the sheriff’s blessing. Wait about two minutes instead of arresting him to get a quick little conclusion that’s actually far, far better than the ridiculous endings waiting for you.

Found your own Easter eggs in Far Cry 5? Let us know in the comments!