Monster Hunter: World – Here’s How Augmentations Work | End Game Guide

The grind never ends in Monster Hunter: World. Augmentations are a new system that you can unlock after the main campaign is complete, and it’s another primary path of progression that you’ll be spending hours and hours grinding. Here, we’re going to break down exactly what augmentations are, and how you can unlock the augmentations system.

Actually unlocking augmentations is a tricky process. When you’ve beaten the game, you’ll be able to increase your Hunter Rank. There are 100+ ranks to earn, but if you want to start augmenting you ‘ll need to reach at least Rank 50. That’s when the real fun begins.

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Here’s How Augmentations Work | End Game Guide

Augments are, essentially, a way to add bonuses to weapons and gear. Augmenting allows you to customize your build down to some pretty minute details — only weapons at on the final upgrade tree rung can be augmented.

  • Augments can be accessed from the Armory. With weapons, you’ll unlock a special Augment Slot. Select it and you’ll be able to choose from five different augmentations. Here’s an example list of augments:
    • Attack Increase
    • Affinity Increase
    • Defense Increase
    • Slot Upgrade
    • Health Regen

All augmentation bonuses stack, and some weapons can have multiple augmentation slots. Augmentations can also be stacked — if you choose the same augment twice, or even thrice — you’ll double or triple the effect.

Augmentation for armor is easier to understand. Augmenting a piece of armor will raise the max level of your gear, allowing you to increase its level past the maximum. This is basically required when you’re taking on Tempered Elder Dragons.

To augment armor, you’ll need to find Streamstones. These (of various rarity) drop from Tempered monsters. To augment weapons, you’ll need Streamstones and unique, super-rare weapon-specific items¬†that only drop from Tempered Elder Dragons.

There’s no easy way to get the weapon-specific materials. You’ll just have to keep fighting Tempered Elder Dragons and hope you get one of the required drops — you’re just as likely to get weapon-specific items for all those other weapons you don’t plan on augmenting.


How To Unlock Augmentations

To actually unlock the augmentations system, you’ll need to complete all the Assignments and finish the campaign. That will unlock the Hunter Ranks, and you’ll be able to begin tempered monster investigations.

Reach Hunter Rank 29 and you’ll unlock the quest ‘Beyond the Blasting Scales’ — complete this quest and continue hunting until you hit Hunter Rank 49. You’ll get the ‘Thunderous Rumble in the Highlands’ quest.

At this point, you’ll unlock the third Tempered monster tier. This included Tempered Elder Dragons. When you’re Hunter Rank 50+, continue to search for Tempered Investigations until you can fight an Elder Dragon — any of them. Defeat an Elder Dragon to collect Streamstones, and you’ll unlock Augmentations.¬†

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