Monster Hunter: World – How To Reach Hunter Rank 100+ | End Game Guide

After completing the main story, you’ll still have tons of stuff to do in Monster Hunter: World. If you want to earn the best possible ending, the ‘Sapphire Star’ ending, you’ll have to reach Hunter Rank 100. There is a truly insane amount of investigations and monster fights you’llĀ  have to complete to rank up that high — or you can farm one specific quest.

One quest, called ‘A Summons From Below’ is the fastest possible opportunity to gain Hunter Ranks. Unlocking it requires completing special investigations you can only find with blue-hued tempered monster tracks. These are the true final challenges of the game, so you’ll have to learn how to hunt one of the toughest beasts to gain ranks fast.

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How To Reach Hunter Rank 100+ | End Game Guide

To start farming for Rank 100+, you’ll need to first complete the game. That goes without saying — you’ll also need to do a few post-game activities to prepare for the long grind to a super-high Hunter Rank.

  • Prerequisites:
    • Unlock the Investigation to Defeat Vaal Hazak (Tempered) & Odogaron ( Tempered)

To defeat these monsters, you’ll need to find the Tempered tracks. You can find tempered tracks in different locations, but you can start in the Ancient Forest. Tempered tracks are blue-ish hued tracks that appear, and will unlock special high-level investigations. You can find three in the northeast corner of the Ancient Forest — tempered tracks will often disappear if enemies attack, so don’t get into combat.

There are more in the Rathalos den and in the nest at the top of the ancient tree. Return to Asteras and check the tempered investigations you’ve unlocked — each one will engage a certain monster, and you’ll want to work toward the last and highest-rank investigation, completing the previous ones and practicing against normal (non-tempered) monsters along the way.

Defeat enough of these purple investigations and you’ll unlock an Armory Quest to hunt down the Tempered Vaal Hazak / Odogaron — the investigation you want is called ‘A Summons From Below‘.


How To Farm Odogaron & Vaal Hazak

Spawn at the Central Camp when on the Tempered Odogaron / Vaal Hazak Investigation in the Rotten Vale. You’ll be near the Odogaron’s den, and then you can travel down to fight Vaal Hazak next.

These guys are tough — but they’re also one of the fastest ways to earn Hunter Rank. For every two Vaal Hazak Investigations you complete, you’ll earn one Hunter Rank level. That sounds slow, but it’s (unfortunately!) the fastest method.

To reach Rank 100+, you’ll need to start at around Rank 60. That means you’ll have to fight Vaal Hazak (and Odogaron) about 80~ times to completely rank up.

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