Monster Hunter: World – How To Get The Most Materials & Resources | Farming Tips & Tricks

Monster Hunter: World is all about farming for resources and materials. You can’t get far without those chunks of monster viscera you’ll need to upgrade weapons or construct sets of armor. It’s the only way to improve, so it’s vitally important you get the most monster materials from every single hunt.

On top of monster materials, you’ll also need plenty of resources. Resources are slightly different — instead of cutting them from monsters, you’ll need to collect gathering nodes scattered throughout the large exploration maps. Rocky outcroppings, flowers, piles of bones, and more glowing objects are considered resource gathering spots, and there are ways you can earn more resources with the right equipment.

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How To Get The Most Monster Materials | Farming Tips & Tricks

Farming for materials comes in two forms — gathering resources or collecting monster parts from hunt targets. We’ll break the tips into those two categories. There are lots of items, gear, mantles, and more that will help make farming easier.

Monster Materials Farming Tips

To improve your Monster Material drops, there are four basics you’ll want to know. Following these four basic tips, you’ll be earning more rare materials all the time. The first two tips are easy to start from the very beginning of the game, but later you’ll need specialized equipment that won’t be available until later.

  • The Basics – What You Should Know:
    1. Select Investigations with Gold rewards.
    2. Use Daily Reward Vouchers on Investigations to double your rewards.
    3. Use the Bandit Mantle to get rare materials while attacking monsters.
    4. Use the Plunder Blade to get even more rare materials.

The first two are very simple. Investigations have randomized reward tiers — you can check and see the reward boxes on each investigation. Some investigations will have one gold reward, and two silver rewards. Or two bronze rewards and one gold rewards. Whatever the case, you want to always go for those gold rewards. The missions usually aren’t any harder — often they’ll involve captures.

Check in every day to collect a voucher. When you login, press [Triangle / Y] to collect your daily rewards. This will always include a voucher, and vouchers are incredibly useful — they can double your quest rewards, or increase your chances of getting rare drops. Don’t waste vouchers on investigations with only bronze / silver rewards!

Next up, you’ll want to get the Bandit Mantle ASAP. This special mantle, when equipped, causes monsters to drop rare items when you attack them. The effect doesn’t stack, but can be shared — your whole team gets the benefits of the Bandit Mantle while it is active. To get it, complete the optional Level 5 quest “Redefining the Power Couple”.

Lastly, you’ll want to get the Plunderblade. This is a special equipment item for your Palico that steals items from monsters when your Palico attacks. Shiny materials will drop from monsters far more often, and you’ll get more rewards at the end of a hunt. The Plunderblade becomes more effective at dropping monster materials as you level up your Palico’s proficiency.

  • How To Get the Plunderblade:
    1. Complete ‘Into the Bowels of the Vale’ in the Rotten Vale.
    2. Bring a piece of Raw Meat to the lower areas of the Rotten Vale.
    3. Search for a Legiana Corpse (Area 6 / 9).
    4. Track Odogaron and follow it to the Legiana corpse. It will ignore you and go for the corpse.
    5. Go to Area 13 (Odogaron’s Den) and wait for Odogaron to leave the area. Use Dung Bombs to chase it away if it doesn’t leave.
    6. When you arrive, there will be a Grimalkyne Plunder waiting near the Legiana corpse.
    7. Approach the Grimalkyne and it will retreat. Track him to Area 15.
    8. In Area 15, after spotting him, he’ll retreat again. To draw him out, drop a Raw Meat on the ground.
    9. When the Grimalkyne appear, approach for a cutscene. Now that you’re friends, the Grimalkyne will give you the Plunderblade.

With the Plunderblade and the Bandit Mantle, you’ll be able to earn tons of rewards just while completing random investigations and other quests. That’s useful for getting parts you need to upgrade weapons or build armor, and you can sell what you don’t for plenty of bonus zenny.


Resource Gathering Tips

[Update: 2/12 – Added the Hunter’s Life Charm to the resource gathering set.]

Resource gathering is all about looting flowerbeds / cactuses / mining outcrops / bonepiles / etc. Every time you gather resources from one of these spots, you’ll get a random drop. Certain items have increased rarity, and gathering nodes usually can be looted three times.

To improve your resource gathering potential, you’ll want to put together a special armor set — the unique skills combined will greatly improve your resource gathering potential.

  • Resource Gathering Armor Set
    • Shamos Goggles [Alpha]
    • Rathian Mail [Alpha]
    • King Beetle Brachia [Beta]
    • Hunter’s Coil [Beta]
    • King Beetle Crura [Beta]
    • Hunter’s Life Charm

To unlock the King Beetle armor set, you’ll need to collect a Great Hornfly. It can be obtained by talking to the Botanical Research Center NPC and boosting Honey / Bug cultivation.

With this set, you’ll have 5 decorations: (x2) Geology Jewel 1, (x3) Specimen Jewel 1. The Geology Jewels are the most important, and upgrading the Geology Jewels is the most important factor. Each Geology Jewel allows you to gather extra items from bonepiles, gathering points, and mining outcrops.

Combine all the armor to get an awesome amount of skills: Botanist Lvl. 4, Geologist Lvl. 3, Entomologist Lvl. 3, Master Fisher Lvl. 1, Master Gatherer Lvl. 1, and Forager’s Luck Lvl. 1. There are lots of other skills, but these are the most important skills.

With this armor equipped, you’ll get more herbs / seeds / mushrooms per loot, increases the amount of times you can use a gather node, makes it easier to catch fish, makes gathering nodes faster, and increases your chance of getting rare gathering resources.

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