Reminder: Destiny 2 Weekly Reset 10/22/17 | Weekly Reset Guide

Destiny 2 is an online multiplayer first-person shooter by developers Bungie. Being an online FPS, there’s plenty of loot that can be gathered during your gameplay sessions and as such, Bungie has implemented gameplay forcing players to go through a bit of a grind.

However, there are some limitations to what players can go after at any given time. This is to force players from repeating certain missions and aspects that would cause them to reach a cap too quickly along with preventing burn outs.

As a result, Bungie has introduced Weekly Resets, a means to allow players to repeat certain missions to gather exotic loot and level their characters up.

Find out what this Weekly Reset will allow players to enjoy down below!


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The Flashpoint is a weekly series that will have specific tasks within a certain place in order to gain experience and loot.

This week’s Flashpoint will take place on Io, Jupiter’s moon.

Lord Shaxx Call to Arms

Lord Shaxx has once again issued the Call to Arms. Players can participate in Crucible matches in order to raise their percentage meter. While you are not required to win matches, winning them will help get your meter to 100% quicker in order to gain a new gear piece.

Leviathan Raid

The first raid for Destiny 2, Leviathan is available once again, though to keep things fresh, the order of how to complete the raid has been tweaked. Much like the strike, we have a complete guide breakdown of the Leviathan raid and how to complete it right here.

You’ll find that the order will start at Pleasure Gardens, move to Baths, followed by Gauntlet, and will end at Emperor Calus.

Nightfall Strike

Players will be able to go through the Vex on Io. It’s worth noting that there is Zero Hour in play this week which means once the time counts down fully the mission will end. As a result, plan your attacks carefully to avoid wasting time and instead aim to complete the goal in the fastest time available.

Weekly Modifiers

  • Torrent
  • Timewarp

Weekly Challenges
  • Complete the Strike with at least five minutes left on the clock to earn Speed of Dark.
  • Complete the Strike with less than three deaths to earn Unbroken.
  • Prevent Brakion from being covered by his shield for more than 40 seconds before defeat in order to earn Siege Engine.

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