Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – All 11 Hoysala Token Locations | Collectibles Guide

Within the fourth chapter of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, the game introduces players with a large map to explore. This map marks various fortresses players will eventually need to explore, but outside of that, there is a total of eleven Hoysala Tokens to collect.

After collecting all eleven Hoysala Tokens, players will be rewarded with the Queens’ Ruby, a bracelet that will glow and chime when you’re near a hidden treasure. This bracelet can be picked up afterward at the sixth Hoysala Token location which features the map.


Hoysala Token #1

Head to the location on the map on the vehicle and you should come across a Hoysala statue. Climb upwards to the side of the statue and grapple rope swing over to the lockbox area. There will be a series of grapples to perform, but afterward, you’ll come across a crumbled wall.

Toss a grenade at the wall to open it up and progress inside. You’ll find that the first Hoysala Token will be laying on the ruin directly in front of you.

Hoysala Token #2

Head to the next token area marked on the map and you’ll find another weak wall gray ruined wall which can be destroyed through a grenade. Progress through the ruined wall and look within the right corridor to find the second Hoysala Token.

Hoysala Token #3

Climb up the mountains and onto the pillar above. From there, grapple swing to the pillars within the mud followed by entering the small cave entrance.

Inside the cave, you’ll eventually reach an opening along with a room towards the left which will hold the third Hoysala Token.

Hoysala Token #4

Climb up the ruins and position yourself on the perch. Looking down, Chloe can grapple onto a beam and then jump to the left of the perch, allowing the cover to be lifted up.

After the cover has been lifted, Chloe can head down and pick up the fourth Hoysala Token.

Hoysala Token #5

In this location, you’ll find a door with bars preventing players from entering inside. The way to open this door is by shooting all the bells. But be careful to not waste too much time as the bars will go back to the locked position after a brief amount of time.

Right inside the doorway will be the fifth Hoysala Token.

Hoysala Token #6

This may have been your first time getting a Token within the game. In the area, Chloe can interact with a map which will soon hold all of the Hoysala Tokens. Interact with the map and head to the door that opens up towards your left. Inside will be your sixth Hoysala Token.

Hoysala Token #7

The seventh Hoysala Token has a puzzle element to it. Chloe will have to solve an image puzzle and put together a horse symbol. After solving a locked doorway will open and inside you’ll find the Hoysala Token.

Hoysala Token #8


The eighth Hoysala Token is incredibly easy to obtain. Head to the area marked and toss a grenade at the crumbled ruin wall to bring it down. Our Hoysala Token will be directly inside.

Hoysala Token #9

Head to the location, where you’ll find an insurgent weaponry crate. Inside that crate, once locked picked, will be a Hoysala Token.

Hoysala Token #10

Go into the water in front of the elephant statue. Dive down and you’ll find an entrance, swim through it and continue swimming to the light on the other side. When you come back up, you’ll be in a new ruin room which contains the Hoysala Token.

Hoysala Token #11

The last Hoysala Token is another timed event. Once you reach the area marked, climb up the tower and activate the mechanism. This will trigger a number of water sprouts, you need to step on each water sprout to cause the Hoysala Token to appear where you first activated the water sprouts.

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