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The End is Nigh Cartridges

The End Is Nigh is a sprawling adventure platformer from Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac creator Edmund McMillen. Similar to both of those games The End Is Nigh has no shortage of secrets and collectibles. Cartridges are one of those collectibles and finding them allows you to play it on your home console. Each world has at least one Cartridge and we’ve written a The End is Nigh Cartridges Guide below.

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The End Cartridge

The End 15

Unlocks: Morta Man

Jump on and off the central island and cause it to collapse. Jump back on it while it is falling and run and jump to the far upper right ledge. Jump on the the first three floating clouds in the next room and then onto the crumbled buildings to access the Cartridge.

The Arid Flats Cartridge

The Arid Flats 17

Unlocks: Blaster Massacre

Enter The Arid Flats 17 from The Arid Flats 18 and use the spring that falls in the middle to catapult to the left side spring. Navigate through the spikes in the next room by springing to the left hook and carefully jumping. Avoid the enemies in the room with the Cartridge and it’s yours.

Overflow Cartridge

Overflow 20

Unlocks: River City Rancid

Enter Overflow 20 from The Split by jumping into the middle left section and going behind the blocks. Use the two hooks to jump through the ceiling and carefully make your way to the left side of the next room to collect the Cartridge.

Retrograde Cartridge

Retrograde 12

Unlocks: Rubble Bobble

Jump down into the hole in the first room and hit the switch on the wall in the next. Instantly hop off the switch to avoid dying and jump into the left tunnel that opens up. Jump from hook to hook until a passageway opens on the left and enter it. Avoid all the falling spikes and black goo in the final room to collect the Cartridge.

Wall of Sorrow Cartridge

Wall of Sorrow 9

Unlocks: Ash Climber

Go up from The Split to access Wall of Sorrow 9. Make your way up the left side of the wall until you can jump through a gap between two spikes. Make the two jumps to the single blocks to nab the Cartridge.

The Hollows Cartridge

The Hollows 8

Unlocks: Catastrovania

Drop down in The Split to reach The Hollows 8. Ledge jump towards the right wall to break through. Jump to the hook in the next room and quickly jump up and to the right to avoid the falling ceiling. Wait for the ceiling to call in the next room and navigate through it until you reach the final room containing the Cartridge.

Golgotha Cartridge

Golgotha 18

Unlocks: Dig Dead

Jump on the first crusher block and ride it up to the left side of the screen. In the next room you need to continuously bait the crusher block around the room until it is lined up with the passageway in the center of the room. Ride it up and collect the Cartridge.

SS Exodus Cartridge

SS Exodus 5

Unlocks: Fallen Fantasy

You will need a key from The Machine to open the door at the end of The Exodus 5. After entering the door you will need to collect the key in the next room and jump on top of the falling block. Avoid the falling ceiling in the next room and in the final room traverse the passageway on the floating island to get the Cartridge.

The Machine Cartridge

The Machine 9

Unlocks: Morbid Gear

Jump on the bottom blocks and ride them all the way to the right edge of the screen. Avoid the falling ceiling in the next room and ride the platform in the next room until you are able to jump on the falling block towards the center of the room. Ride it to the ceiling and into the final room where you can attach yourself to the conveyor belt on the wall and ride to the Cartridge.