The End Is Nigh | Overflow (World 3) Tumor Locations

The End Is Nigh is a sprawling adventure platformer from Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac creator Edmund McMillen. Similar to both of those games The End Is Nigh has no shortage of secrets and collectibles. Tumors and Mega Tumors are one such collectible and we’ve written a The End is Nigh Tumors Guide below.

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Overflow (World 3)

Overflow 1

  • Grab the hooks above the level start to reveal the Tumor.

Overflow 2

  • Fall vertically into the hold containing the Tumor to avoid hitting the spikes.
  • Mega Tumor: Directly right of the normal Tumor is a passageway. Fall into it and grab onto the ledge with the Mega Tumor.

Overflow 3

  • Swim as close to the Tumor without hitting the spike. It’s easier to grab it coming from Overflow 4.

Overflow 4

  • Carefully navigate through the maze of spikes to grab the Tumor. The faster you can get swim to it the better.
  • Mega Tumor: Swim to the small gap at the top of the screen and head left. Jump to the opposite platform to collect the Mega Tumor.

Overflow 5

  • Use one of the skulls to bounce to the ledge where the Tumor is.

Overflow 6

  • Avoid the skulls while jumping towards the bottom right corner.
  • Mega Tumor: Destroy the blocks towards the middle left of the screen. You will fall down and grab the Mega Tumor on the way through.

Overflow 7

  • Bounce off a skull while it is mid jump to easily grab this Tumor.

Overflow 8

  • From Overflow 9 backtrack into Overflow 8 and ground pound your way down towards the Tumor.

Overflow 9

  • Collect this Tumor by going underneath the pillar rather than over it.

Overflow 10

  • From Overflow 11 backtrack into Overflow 10 and jump down to the ledge underneath the Tumor. Let the water rise, collect the Tumor and exit the level.
  • Mega Tumor: Jump to the top left of the room to access a secret area. Time it so that you can safely jump off from a skull to the Mega Tumor.

Overflow 11

  • From Overflow 12 backtrack into Overflow 11 to cause a platform to appear allowing you to collect the Tumor.
  • Mega Tumor: Go through the lower left secret entrance to end up in a secret area with a tunnel containing the Mega Tumor.

Overflow 12

  • Go to the bottom middle of the screen near the waterfall to trigger a secret passageway. Go up and down until you can collect the Tumor.

Overflow 13

  • From Overflow 14 backtrack into Overflow 13 to cause a platform to appear allowing you to collect the Tumor.

Overflow 14

  • Move as quickly as possible through the poison clouds. Collect the Tumor and land safely.
  • Mega Tumor: Ground pound the platform near the end to start a series of secret rooms. Collect the keys in the first two to access the third room containing the Mega Tumor.

Overflow 15

  • From Overflow 16 backtrack into Overflow 15. Wait for the poison cloud to leave an opening allowing you to jump and collect the Tumor.

Overflow 16

  • Time your jump so that you can collect the Tumor and use the poison cloud to escape to safety in one motion.

Overflow 17

  • Instead of jumping for the Tumor at the start you will need to go around the level as usual but drop down when above the Tumor to collect it and safely land.

Overflow 18

  • Use the skulls to get to the top of the level and quickly grab the Tumor before it floats away. You only have a second or two to do so.
  • Mega Tumor: Get to the top left of the screen and jump off. In the secret room time your jumps on the poison clouds so that you can collect the Mega Tumor and still have enough air to live.

Overflow 19

  • Use the hooks to grab the Tumor after it appears.

Overflow 20

  • Use the left skull to bounce up and collect the Tumor.