The End Is Nigh | The End (World 1) Tumor Locations

The End is Nigh Tumors

The End Is Nigh is a sprawling adventure platformer from Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac creator Edmund McMillen. Similar to both of those games The End Is Nigh has no shortage of secrets and collectibles. Tumors and Mega Tumors are one such collectible and we’ve written a The End is Nigh Tumors Guide below.

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The End (World 1)

The End 1

  • Located directly above the starting area.

The End 2

  • Catch this Tumor in the middle of the screen as it’s falling.

The End 3

  • Catch this Tumor in the middle of the screen as it’s falling.
  • Mega Tumor: Look for cracked flooring and ground pound through it to reveal secret rooms, one of which contains the mega Tumor.

The End 4

  • In the middle of the center island surrounded by spikes. It will be moving left to right so time your jump to avoid being impaled.

The End 5

  • Use the hook on the right side of the room to launch to the central hooks. Jump off to nab this tumor.

The End 6

  • Near the central hooks you will need to drop down towards the bottom hooks. Time your jump so that when the Tumor is near the left you can collect it and land back on the hook.
  • Mega Tumor: Below the starting area is a secret room. Break the blocks located near the upper right of the room.

The End 7

  • Jump across the central island causing it to collapse. Quickly collect the revealed Tumor before you miss your chance.

The End 8

  • To collect this Tumor you must first go to The End 9. While in The End 9 use the hook to launch yourself back into The End 8 to grab the Tumor.
  • Mega Tumor: Just as you did collect the normal Tumor you need to launch yourself up but this time head above the clouds.

The End 9

  • To collect this Tumor you must first go to The End 10. Drop below the starting platform and head left to collect it.

The End 10

  • While on the breakable platforms time your jump so that the Tumor is as far to the right as possible.

The End 11

  • Be ready halfway through the level to collect this Tumor as it falls from the sky near the left side of the middle island.

The End 12

  • Quickly make your way past the collapsing platforms to the hook, then simply jump to collect the Tumor.
  • Mega Tumor: After collecting the normal Tumor look for a hook above you. It leads to a secret room and the Mega Tumor.

The End 13

  • Break the breakable block and fall to the left, collecting the Tumor and landing on the platform in one motion.
  • Mega Tumor: At the bottom of The End 13 is a hole, drop into it to collect the Mega Tumor.
  • Mega Tumor: From the level’s right entrance you need to activate the collapse and traverse the ceiling for this Mega Tumor.

The End 14

  • Pull down the hooks to access an alcove behind the walls which contains the Tumor.

The End 15

  • Jump on the falling block at the level’s starting left platform. Ride it down until you can jump right to the Tumor.

The End 16

  • Quickly head to the Tumor before you are crushed by the timed event.

The End 17

  • From The End 18 run backwards to the right side of The End 17 to easily grab this Tumor.

The End 18

  • Use as few breakable blocks as possible to grab the Tumor and hook your way to safety.

The End 19

  • Time the collapse of the breakable platforms while jumping right to collect this Tumor.

The End 20

  • Head to the collapsible platforms to trigger them and quickly make your way back to the starting platform to access the hidden room containing this Tumor.