SecretLab Omega Gaming Chair Review

Everyone knows the power of having a good bed. It’s important: you spent several hours, at least one third of the day, in your bed. But what we rarely consider is the power of a good desk chair. We may work at our computers for over a dozen hours a day, only getting up for food breaks. We play games in our leisure for even more hours afterwards.

Enter SecretLab.

The first thing that stands out about SecretLab are their intentional designs: both aesthetic and practical. Most gaming chairs have racing stripes and gaudy designs. The Omega is svelte in comparison, with an all-black stealth model available for extra elegance.

Moving on to the engineering of the chair: the chair’s cushioning is luxurious and soft. The lumbar rest is firm enough while still being comfortable. SecretLab’s design gives enough while still being firm enough to promote good posture and reduce the stress of sitting for prolonged periods. Its arm rests are adjustable and broader than other models; its tilt mechanic allows you to recline at up to 155 degrees.  Impressively, the chair base is strong and the casters move fluidly even on a carpeted floor–there’s no resistance and it glides effortlessly.

A big problem with office chairs is that over time they get worn down over time. The materials used simply aren’t very durable, especially considering one uses most of their time sitting in it. SecretLab took special notice of this and made their gaming chair extremely durable. After using the chair for nearly a month, we’ve noticed no degradation in the firmness of the foam and it still feels as comfortable as the first time. We also don’t worry about any cracks or issues with the base because it uses a metal base, giving us extra security that it’s exactly as sturdy as it looks.

Simply put, SecretLab’s chairs are well-designed. They’re practical and elegant. They move beyond being a gaming chair and into the realm of just being an excellent home office chair. Anyone, gamers and professionals alike, would be better off for using this type of chair.

The Price

The Omega normally runs $440, which SecretLab sells directly on its site.