La-Mulana 2: How to Combine Apps For Bonuses | App Combos List

Equip the right apps in La-Mulana 2, and you can earn some powerful bonuses and Easter eggs. Here’s the full list of all the app combinations we’ve found so far.

In La-Mulana 2, you’ll solve lots of puzzles using in-game apps. On your smart device, you can purchase and load a variety of apps with different functions — they all do something, but you can’t have them all equipped at the same time. Some apps take up more space than others, and you’ll always have more apps than you can actually use.

That’s where app combos come in — app combos are special bonuses you unlock when you have particular apps equipped at the same time. Many of these combos were also found in the original La-Mulana, but not all of them. Learn all about the combos, and which apps you need to equip, in the list below.

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How to Combine Apps For Bonuses | App Combos List

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If you successfully discover an app combo, you’ll hear a little bell chime. Equip the apps on your app menu in the list below to get the following bonuses.

  • 50% Less Environment Damage
    • La-Mulana 2 + Mekuri Master
  • Double XP Rewards From Orbs
    • La-Mulana + La-Mulana 2
  • Full Map Details
    • Yagoo Map Reader + Yagoo Map Street
  • Longer Hot Springs Bonus
    • Miracle Witch + Death Village
  • More Powerful Whip Attacks
    • La-Mulana + Lonely House-Moving
  • More Powerful Knife / Blade Attacks
    • Rose & Camellia + Mekuri Master
  • More Invincibility Frames After Damage
    • Death Village + Lonely House-Moving
  • One Free Life (Regen Upon Death, Resets After Death or Reset)
    • Rose & Camellia + Lonely House-Moving
  • Show Hidden Rooms on the Map
    • Yagoo Map Reader + Yagoo Map Street + La-Mulana 2
  •  Unlock Development Room in Icefire Treetop (D-4)
    • Miracle Witch + Future Development Company
  •  Unlocks Music Player
    • Enga Musica + Beo Eg-Mulana
  • When summoning a Fairy, always get an Attack Fairy
    • Miracle Witch + Bounce Shot
  • When summoning a Fairy, always get an Item Fairy
    • Miracle Witch + Space Capstar II
  • When summoning a Fairy, always get a Key Fariy. 
    • Miracle Witch + Mekuri Master
  • Wind Elemental Protection Around Lumisa After Damage
    • La-Mulana + La-Mulana 2 + Rose & Camellia

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