Breath of the Wild – How To Solve All Shrines | Hateno Walkthrough

Table of Contents РHateno Shrines

Dow Na’eh¬†Shrine – Three Boxes


Paraglide into the Lanayru Promenade and enter the hidden cave behind the waterfall to find this shrine. The area can be pretty dangerous, so watch yourself! Try climbing into the cave from above instead of below.

There’s a giant button in the center of the chamber right from the start. Going by the title of this map, it’s up to Link to find three metal boxes hidden throughout this trial.

The “boxes” in the title are actually chests! Find all three and place them on the central button.

  • Optional Chest #1: The first chest is on the elevator platform. It can’t be missed!
  • Optional Chest #2: Look under the water near the central button.
  • Optional Chest #3: Up above near the altar. Stand on the button to spot it on a hanging platform.

Grab all three with Magnesis and place them on the giant button. The combined weight will actually push the button, opening the gate opposite the elevator. Grab the metal box and use it to reach the highest ledge when the elevator platform rises.