Breath of the Wild – How To Solve All Shrines | Hateno Walkthrough

Table of Contents РHateno Shrines

Kam Urog Shrine – Trial of Passage


North of the Cliffs of Quince, near the Robred Dropoff, there’s a small box canyon that’s filled with small statues. Wait until after 9PM at night, and one of these statues’ eyes will glow purple. Shoot that statue with an arrow to reveal the hidden shrine.

  • Optional Chest: Reach the gears in the center of the giant revolving mechanism, and look toward the entrance to find this chest on a high platform.

Now here’s a strange trial. The interior of the massive revolving device can be stopped with Stasis, but you’ll need to “ride” the platforms up to reach the center of the machine — there’s a gear you can stand on. Use it to reach the slightly higher (and solid) platform near the vertically aligned gear.

  • Optional Chest: From the first chest, wait and look down — one of the revolving platforms has a chest on it! Use Stasis to stop time when it’s facing right-side up and paraglide to get to the treasure.

Use the vertical gears to ride up to the upper platform with the stairs. On the steps, just wait for connective stairs to revolve into place and Stasis to reach the top.