Breath of the Wild – How To Solve All Shrines | Hateno Walkthrough

Table of Contents – Hateno Shrines

Chaas Qeta Shrine – A Major Test of Strength


This shrine is far out in the Necluda Sea, on a tiny island that’s easily visible for Hateno Village. Find a tiny wind boat around Hateno Bay (or Deepback Bay) and use a leaf to generate wind, allowing you to steer the boat toward Tenoko Island.

Bring some powerful weapons, because this isn’t a puzzle. Instead, you’ll face a Scout Guardian with 3000 HP. Wait until the Guardian jumps away and prepares a spin-attack. When it comes charging wildly, all weapons spinning, hide behind a pillar. When it crashes into the pillar, it will be stunned, giving you time to attack.

This dangerous opponent can kill in a single strike, and most weapons will barely touch it. It doesn’t hurt to wait until you’ve acquired the Master Sword to complete this battle.

To safely deal with the Scout, use ice-weapons to freeze then attack with your strongest weapon. A combo, or charged combo, will help — and breaking ice deals triple normal damage. If it uses a spinning blue laser, use the wind to paraglide over it and unleash a jump-attack.

Save pillars for the near-end of the battle. The Guardian will charge a series of explosive beams. When the beams are charged, run in a circle to avoid. Attack when it’s charging and back off when it’s about to unleash a barrage.

When the Guardian is finally down, you’ll be able to collect its weapons and access the altar.

  • Optional Chest: The chest before the altar contains the Climbing Gear shirt, which gives Link an additional climbing speed boost.