Breath of the Wild – How To Solve All Shrines | Hateno Walkthrough

Table of Contents РHateno Shrines

Jitan Sa’mi¬†Shrine – Jitan Sa’mi’s Blessing


Find this shrine at the top of Mount Lanayru. Remember to stock up on plenty of spicy food to improve your Cold Resistance before heading up. Approach the Spring of Wisdom at the summit to discover something different — a corrupted dragon!

To open the final shrine in this region. you’ll have to destroy the corruption on the dragon. Start by shooting an arrow into one of the large eyes. Once it takes off, climb to the highest point on the mountain and aim for one of the eyes on the underside.

  • NOTE: Use extra wind and the paraglider to follow the dragon. If you aim your bow while paragliding, you’ll get a moment of slow-motion, making it easier to aim and land your shots.

After each corrupted eye is shot with an arrow, the dragon will retreat lower and lower down the mountain. Follow it until it stalls and enters a holding pattern, circling an area. That’s when the eyes open up again.

Once the corruption is cleared, shoot the dragon with one final arrow and collect the scale. Drop the scale into the water at the Spring of Wisdom, and the door to the shrine will open.

Like the final shrine of the Dueling Peaks Region, the challenge is just opening the shrine. There’s an optional chest containing a powerful weapon, and the altar is free to reach up the stairs.

  • Optional Chest: This chest contains the powerful Frostspear, an ice-imbued spear with 20 attack power, and the ability to freeze enemies.