LEGO Star Wars: Force Awakens – Cheat Codes List


Characters, vehicles, and other gameplay-changing effects are at your finger-tips with this list of LEGO Star Wars: Force Awakens cheat codes. Codes are one of the coolest traditions of the LEGO game series — real cheats that players can input in the “Extras” menu for awesome rewards.

Use cheats to unlock LEGO Star Wars minifigures and vehicles for free, or earn special in-game effects just for fun. Don’t get these cheats confused with Red Brick cheats — the codes listed here don’t need to be unlocked, no Red Brick collectibles are required, and these codes can be input and activated at any time by pausing the game and inputting the sequence of letters and numbers on the “Extras” screen. Anyone can do it, and LEGO games have included cheats since the early days of the series. Don’t miss out, keep scrolling to find the list.

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Cheat Codes List

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[Update – 6/30: Added new Character Codes to the list.]

To activate cheat codes, go to ‘Extras’ in the Main Menu and select ‘Enter Code’ — input the codes below to unlock the character, vehicle, or Red Brick cheat.

Cheat codes do not disable achievement or trophies. If you restart the game, the codes must be input again.

Character Codes:

  • B-U4D AKA Buford (Droid) — QLLJXD
  • Caluan Ematt — 26F2CF
  • Chief Petty Officer Unamo — 2DZXDM
  • Crokind Shand — BQPKPA
  • Dasha Promenti — BJZA6F
  • Flametrooper — LRYUBB
  • FN-2112 — 4T3UNK
  • Goss Toowers — QZTZX9
  • GTAW-74 AKA Geetaw (Droid) — 2YU4NX
  • Guavian Security Soldier — C73CNV
  • Hoogenz — V3H6RU
  • Jessika Pava — SBUSCW
  • Kaydel Ko Connix — 9FJKF4
  • Korr Sella — NGSEKH
  • Lieutenant Bastian — XQZ7C6
  • Major Brance — Q8KRC6
  • Mi’no Teest — GBE8ZC
  • Monn Tatth — A5JR9V
  • Nien Nunb — P8KXSA
  • Officer Shimitsu — GVNBWB
  • Oskus Stooratt — K6JXJT
  • Quinar — A4EHFJ
  • R2Q5 (Droid) — VVVSEA
  • R-3PO AKA Red Ar-Threepio (Droid) — BEMT2T
  • Snap Wexley — HTN3RD
  • Special Forces Tie Pilot — 59J67X
  • Teedo — CP6ETU
  • Trentus Savay — 638FNX
  • Unkar Thug — YABPYU
  • Wollivan — J3GMHE
  • FN-2187 (No Helmet) — 3RRVAV
  • GTAW-74 “Geetaw” — 2YU4NX
  • Hobin Carsamba — E889GQ

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