LEGO Star Wars: Force Awakens – All Red Bricks Locations


Red Bricks are back in LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens and here you’ll find each and every location to give your Jedi minifigures an edge against the evil First Order.

Finding one of these rare brick-shaped collectibles unlocks one cheat code for purchase in the “Extras” menu — and if you’re eager to earn “True Jedi” on every level or collect millions of easy studs, this is the way to do it. Red Brick cheats aren’t quite the same as the regular cheat codes included in a LEGO adventure.

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All Red Bricks Locations

[Updated – 6/28: Added all Red Brick locations.]

To use Red Brick cheats, open the “Extras” menu through the Character Selection wheel. Purchase the Red Brick cheats you’ve unlocked with studs. Red Brick cheats can only be purchased in Free Roam. Once a cheat is purchased, it can be toggled on or off in the same menu.

  • Fast Build Red Brick
    • Location: [Prologue: The Battle of Endor] Free Play – Use a short character to enter the low door for Ewoks to the left of the AT-ST in the first section of the stage. Up above on the tree path, use a strong character like Chewie on the orange handles. Push the cage to the left of the handles down and construct the hopping bricks into a ladder. Climb that new ladder up the background cliff and move right behind the tree to find this red brick.
  • Stud Magnet Red Brick
    • Location: [Chapter 1: Assault on Jakku] Free Play – Enter the ‘Village Retreat’ sequence and move right to find a dead-end with a shop stand and a red brick floating above it. Destroy all the LEGO objects in and around the camp to collect hopping bricks. Use the hopping bricks to construct two Stormtrooper dummies and smash them to earn a red brick.
  • Fast Interact Red Brick
    • Location: [Chapter 2: Escape from the Finalizer] Free Play – In the Finalizer hangar bay, smash everything beneath the control room and construct a force field bridge with a force-sensitive Jedi character that leads into the background where a red brick was previously out of reach.
  • Stud x8 Multiplier Red Brick
    • Location: [Chapter 3: Niima Outpost] Free Play – Select ‘Niima Outpost’ and begin the first section. Blast through the LEGO stuff on the right and slide under the ship to reach a new area with a busted Imperial landing craft. Behind that landing craft, further in the background, you’ll see a silver LEGO object. Switch to Chewie or any other character with explosive bombs to destroy the silver LEGO object. Wait awhile and a guy in the background will build a spaceship and fly into the sky, dropping a red brick by parachute for you.
  • Stud x2 Multiplier Red Brick
    • Location: [Chapter 4: The Eravana] Free Play – After the cutscene where the monster jumps into the background. A door with yellow markers will lower and you’ll gain control. Move right of this door to find an orange hook spot. Pull it open to reveal the red brick.
  • Fast Force Red Brick
    • Location: [Rathtar Hunting] Free Play – In the dark cave, to the left and beneath the flowing water, you’ll find a smooth sliding surface and orange handles on the cave wall. Pull the orange handles with a Wookie, bounce on the thing inside, and on the upper platform move left to discover a secret room. Follow the ramp up to grab an easy red brick.
  • Stud x6 Multiplier Red Brick
    • Location: [Chapter 5: Maz’s Castle] Free Play – Start in the ‘Castle Approach’ section and smash the glowing white cracked wall to the left of the castle entrance. Kick it down with any giant monster character to find this brick.
  • Destroy on Contact Red Brick
    • Location: [Chapter 6: Battle of Takodana] Free Play – In the X-Wing flying sequence, you’ll find the red brick hovering over a destroyed tower above Maz’s Castle.
  • Super Slap Red Brick
    • Location: [Chapter 7: The Resistance] Free Play – Moving across the upper level balcony of the Resistance Base, look for glowing white cracked walls. Break the wall with any large character to reveal an access hatch. Enter it with a short character like an Ewok.
  • Stud x4 Multiplier Red Brick
    • Location: [Chapter 8: Starkiller Sabotage] Free Play – This one should be easy to spot. To the left of the massive Starkiller Base entrance door, there’s a cliff where Snowtroopers spawn and hop down to fight your heroes. Use any character that can double-jump to reach the cliff and grab this red brick that’s visible in plain sight.
  • Regenerating Hearts Red Brick
    • Location: [Chapter 9: Destroy Starkiller Base] Free Play – After constructing and powering-up the LEGO elevator to reach the upper level, move into the foreground and look right fight a grappling anchor spot. Switch to any character with a grappling hook. To the right, use the terminal and match the Stormtrooper pieces together. 15 Stormtroopers will appear in the room to the right — defeat them all to earn a red brick.
  • Studs x10 Multiplier Red Brick
    • Location: [Chapter 10: The Finale] Free Play – When facing off against Kylo Ren, run toward the foreground and move right to spot some snowmen. Nearby, there’s a spot you can use force powers to roll a snowball — use the snowball to jump up and reach the floating Red Brick that was previously out of reach.
  • The Funk Awakens Red Brick
    • Location: [Epilogue: Luke’s Island] Free Play – Progress through the island until you find LEGO objects on push-pads covered in green vines. To the left of that challenge, there are more LEGO objects that can only be destroyed with Dark Side Sith characters. Use Darth Vader to interact with the glowing red energy, then use a short character to enter the access hatch.
  • Collect Guide Red Brick
    • Location: [Lor San Tekke’s Return] Free Play – In the area with the windy gap to your right, move toward the foreground and drop down the cliff on the left. BB-8 can connect with the device on the wall and activate a little Easter egg. Hit the green switch until you win three rounds and earn a red brick.
  • Imperial Inaccuracy Red Brick
    • Location: [The Crimson Corsair] Free Play – Continue until you spot a red forcefield device attached to the wall in the background near a gap on the left. Smash the LEGO object near the cliff, and construct the pieces to remove the field. Smash through the stuff inside to grab your red brick.
  • Infinite Torpedoes Red Brick
    • Location: [Poe to the Rescue] Free Play – This one is in the Imperial hallway. Before annoying the two chatting Stormtroopers, smash the LEGO objects to the left and explore Kylo Ren’s secret room. Use Dark Side powers on the desk and everything else to discover this handy red brick.
  • Regenerating Combat Bar Red Brick
    • Location: [Trouble Over Taul] Free Play – Drop down from the ladder into the game room with the soda machine and billiards table. To the left of the ice cream machine, there’s an icey fog most can’t enter. Send a robot like BB-8 into the fog to collect a red brick.
  • Super Disco Blasters Red Brick
    • Location: [Ottegan Assault] Free Play – To the left of Kylo Ren’s landed ship, there’s a path that leads around the exterior of a brown building. You’ll find a white cracked wall here. Select a creature that can smash cracked walls and go inside to grab this brick.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked!

  • Red Leader (Silver / 30 points)
    “Purchase All Red Bricks”

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