Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – 5 Best Easter Eggs We’ve Found


Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is full of Easter eggs, and we’re here to share some of what we’ve found so far. Giants rats, identical rooms, and call-backs to developer DICE’s past are all here and accounted for.

There’s plenty to see, and even more to miss if you’re not paying close attention. One particular sequence is filled with references and only lasts a few moments — below you’ll find pictures and video from tons of sources. Sprint into our list of awesome entries with the references guide below.

Delve deep into the Mirror’s Edge world with the Catalyst launch trailer and then get into the runner’s rhythm with the theme song by Chvches. If you’re hunting for surveillance recordings, documents, secret bags and electronic parts, find them all in one place over on our Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst Collectibles Hub.

Easter Eggs & References

In the Top 64 Reasons to Play Mirror’s Edge, DICE lists “Find Easter Eggs” under #47. If that’s a challenge, then we accept.

The Bad Company Is Back

This first audio Easter egg is found late in the story and features three familiar voices from the Battlefield: Bad Company series. The three main protagonists return; Haggard, Redford, and Sweetwater discuss ditching their lives as government security officers, choosing instead to hunt.

Check out the audio clip posted by Youtuber Andrey Ivashin.

The Surveillance Recording is called “Omnistat Gold #01” — there are multiple recordings to find with even more dialogue, but if you want to hear a genuine clip from the original Battlefield: Bad Company, die while listening — the clip will begin playing right after you reload the checkpoint. That’s the rumor we’ve heard, at least.

Triumvirate Drive:

  • Surveillance Recording #1: Found under a stairwell near the skybridge connecting Triumvirate Drive to Charter Hill. Move up the stairs and look under the steps next to a “C7” sign.

Additional Source: [1]

Augmented Reality – Beatlink Secrets

Early in the campaign, Faith gains a ‘Beatlink’ — a contact lens that displays all kinds of useful information and serves as the HUD as you run and jump across the city of Glass. To everyone that isn’t a courier, the Beatlink looks like an ad-encrusted nightmare device, displaying advertisements on every uncovered surface.

The constant stream of news and information is filled with awesome little tidbits. Here’s some of what we picked out:

  • Faith is “Low on Funds” — a warning on the right reminds her she has no money in her bank account.
  • The news ticker at the top reports on rumors that a popular character will be killed in an upcoming episode of “Play of…” — the title is cut-off when the ticker changes. This is so clearly a reference to “Game of Thrones”!
  • Faith’s employ ID is #0451 — a reference to Fahrenheit 451.

There are so many details, it’s very likely we missed something important. Let us know in the comments if you see anything else awesome in this sequence.

Giant Rat Returns (Sorta…)

The car sized rat is referenced in Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, and eagle-eyed viewers probably spotted this way before release. Randomly, the loading screen will display this text:

  • If you see a rat the size of a car, you’re playing the wrong game.

What does that mean? In the original Mirror’s Edge, there is a glitch / Easter egg featuring a normal-sized rat running through the miniature backgrounds of the city. Here’s an example:


The reference probably means we won’t be seeing giant rats in Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. Unless DICE is trying to trick us — which is very possible.

Image Source: [1]

Mirror’s Edge 1 – Classic Maintenance Room

Here’s a simple secret everyone’s seen if you’ve played any of Catalyst. If you’re not totally familiar with the original, this Easter egg might just pass you by.

Through the stairwell leading up to Birdman’s location, Faith will enter into a small engineering room. This is identical to a room in the original Mirror’s Edge:

  • Same exact layout.
  • Vent at the top.
  • Secret message bag in the corner to the right.
  • The same scrawled message.

If that isn’t enough, the classic Mirror’s Edge logo can be found in this room. I think that’s evidence enough to call this an Easter egg.

Noah’s Safe House Songs

Your home base has some fun stuff to share. The black DICE soda can returns, for one, but there’s something better you’ll want to check out — the Jutebox.

The Jutebox features the Chvches theme song to Catalyst, along with other tracks from the modern game. There’s also several from the original game. One of my personal favorites, Shard, is found after scrolling further down the deck. Take a listen to the extended version posted from LegendaryOST’s Youtube account.


Yellow bags and Faith’s running shoes are scattered around the safe house too. Down below in the maintenance hatches, you’ll even find Faith’s old friend Celeste from ME1 waiting near the pipes.

Found any other Easter eggs? Let us know in the comments and we’ll credit you!

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