Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst – Electronic Parts Collectible Locations


Pilfer parts from the city’s vast technology infrastructure with these Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst collectible locations, showing every runner where to get the many electronic parts scattered throughout Glass. These parts are stored in city-wide control cases mounted on walls. They’re easily skipped if you don’t know what to look for. Below you’ll find tips to grab every ‘electronic part’ for the many altitude-defying areas of the free-roam area.

DICE decided to go easy on trophy / achievement hunters with the Electronic Parts. You’ll only need ten (10!) parts total to unlock the Five Finger Discount trophy. There are way, way more than ten in Glass — so for the sake of brevity, we’ll provide tips for grabbing those first ten for yourself and inching closer to 100% completion.

Get a feel for the bright lights of the open-world city; watch the Catalyst launch trailer, and then check out the theme song performed by Chvches. If you’re eager to 100% the collectibles, drop into the Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst Collectibles Hub, for a one-stop shop of trackables, sorted by city zone.

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Electronic Parts Collectible Locations

NOTE: Only ten (10!) Electronic Parts are required to earn the Runner Kit and achievement / trophy Five Finger Discount.

Track collectible progress through the map menu. There you’ll find the number of collectibles found in each area and how many you’ve collected.


Zephyr Transit Hub:

  • Electronic Part #1: On the mission “Mischief Maker” — you’ll reach a spinning fan beneath Nova’s office. Before using the Disrupt ability to deactivate the fan, look on the wall to the left. There’s a control box mounted to the wall with your first electronic part.
  • Electronic Part #2: Past the spinning fan and after using the new Disrupt ability, drop down the first gap in the catwalks ahead. To the left, at the base of the steps, you’ll find the box containing another electronic part.

Concord Plaza:

  • Electronic Part #3: Right next to the “High Roller Avenue” dash.
  • Electronic Part #4: Past the pair or raised cooling units next to the same dash. Look on the shed in the corner with the barred fence.
  • Electronic Part #5: At the same dash, climb up into the taller section of the same rooftop and look behind the wall. There’s a dead drop optional mission container next to the control chip.
  • Electronic Part #6: From the previous part, drop down onto the soft landing yellow “U” and turn right. Go down the steps into the interior room to find this part.
  • Electronic Part #7: Go to the very tall building that’s under construction and climb the scaffolding. Inside, turn right to spot this control box.
  • Electronic Part #8: In the same under-construction skyscraper, push through the closed door down the hall and turn right.
  • Electronic Part #9: Exit the under-construction area and continue moving forward. Stay on the left side and climb the wall near the billboard to reach a higher rooftop with this control box container.
  • Electronic Part #10: Drop down and continue toward the next skybridge on the left after passing through the interior hallway. Run over the bridge and through the path with the stairs and vent. Turn right to spot the last electronic part you’ll ever need.

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