Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst – How to Get All Gridleak Map Locations


The most common collectible of Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is also one of the easiest to (eventually) 100% thanks to a simple unlockable feature in the game. For completing a certain milestone, Faith will gain marked locations for every single gridleak on your map.

Some of the sprawling city areas contain an overwhelming amount of gridleaks, so instead of explaining where to get these collectibles in (useless) detail, we’ll just do the next best thing — tell you how to get the map locations yourself. Don’t worry, it isn’t too hard.

Learn even more about the Mirror’s Edge world and watch the Catalyst launch trailer, or get into the game’s mood with the theme song by Chvches. If you’re looking for a complete list of surveillance recordings, documents, secret bags and electronic parts all in one place, then browse over to our Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst Collectibles Hub, or click through the specific types below.

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How to Get All Gridleak Map Locations

Gridleaks are hard to find and hard to miss. These collectibles litter the rooftops, and Faith is bound to run into them whether she’s looking for more or not. The volume of gridleaks make them hard to 100%, but there’s an easier way to track them all down.

  • To Mark Every Gridleak Collectible on the Map:
    • Complete the main story.
      • Go to the Progression Menu
      • Select the Gear Tab
      • Use an upgrade point to unlock the Gridleak Map gear option in the bottom-left corner of the grid.

Finishing the main story doesn’t end Catalyst. You’ll be able to explore the city and track down any remaining collectibles. Gridleaks will appear on the map after the final main story mission is complete.

Save yourself the trouble and don’t start collecting gridleaks until after the campaign is over. Other types of collectibles don’t get a map, so if you’re looking for documents, secret bags, electronic parts, or surveillance recordings, you’ll need to track them down yourself — or check out the separate articles linked above.

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