See the Launch Trailer for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is coming out very shortly, which means we get a launch trailer.

Faith Connors is a Runner in the city of Glass. She and her friends shake up the social hierarchy and give the sinister Gabriel Kruger a run for his money. The trailer itself shows hints of Faith’s past – including a stint in a juvenile detention center. By either good behavior or crafty escape, Faith busts out of there and joins back up with her Runner friends. The trailer shows off the pretty vistas of the city, as Faith runs up and down the ramps and walls that comprise it.

Catalyst is an open world experience, rebooting the original Mirrors Edge game released several years ago.

The release date for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is next month, June 7th (North America) and 9th (Europe). You’ll be able to run around as Faith Connors on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. But if you want to try out the game even sooner, you can try the game on Origin Access (PC) and EA Access (Xbox One) starting on June 2nd. You get six hours of playtime, and all the progress you make during the Play First Trial carries over to the release version of the game. (Click here for further details)