Chvrches Just Released a Single For Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, And It Sounds Great

The band Chvrches has turned the theme of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst into a pretty kickass tune, replete with lyrics and the band’s signature style that made The Mother We Share and Gun charting hits on the radio. Frontwoman Lauren Mayberry says she wrote the lyrics from the perspective of Faith, Mirror’s Edge’s leading character, depicting the world she lives in and the struggles she goes through.

We really enjoyed what we played of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst when we checked out the beta last month. The first-person game tells Faith’s origin story and like its predecessor, sees Faith freerunning throughout the city. This time around, the city has an open world environment with weather, and day and night transitions and isn’t broken up into a series of linear levels.

Gameplay details aside, the song’s really good and I’m impressed to see EA and DICE collaborating with one of the more eclectic music artists out there for the upcoming game. Check out the song above.