Black Ops Cold War Zombies – Summon The Dark Spirit Of Burger Bobby For Free Guns, Perks & More | Forsaken Guide

Every Call of Duty: Zombies map is packed with side-Easter eggs, and this is one of the more involved ones. Like the other mini-quests you can try on your runs, this one gives you a random crate of high-tier rewards. That means you can get a Chrysalaxe Wonder Weapon, a Ray Gun, or anything else — its all based on luck, but if you have the right unlocks, this Easter egg is a breeze to complete every single session. All you need to do is locate a hidden Aether Bunny. We’ve dealt with this gross bunny plush in previous maps, and you can find him again. You just need a fully upgraded PHD Slider to do it.

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How To Recharge Bobby The Burger Town Mascot | Easter Egg Guide

Reach the Watch Tower and purchase the PHD Slider Perk from the machine. Upgrade the perk to Tier V — you’ll need to be able to generate an explosion after sliding.

Your goal is to find one of three Teddy Bear spawn locations. They’re black crater / impact looking spots on the ground. Using PHD Slider, you need to jump or slide onto the spot to generate an explosion, making the Aether Bunny pop out.

  • Bar Rooftop: Travel to the Bar Rooftop and slide (with PHD Slider) onto the sidewalk to the right of the TV Store door. Aim for the black crater. If you hit it just right, a teddy bear will appear.
  • Anytown West: Just in front of the Cinema. To reach it, slide off the nearby truck.
  • Anytown West: In the dead end corner to the left of the Video Store / Arcade. There are mechanical boxes you can climb onto and jump down at the black spot.

You only need to find one bunny. Once you spawn it, collect it and use it at the Burger Town mascot Bobby. The mascot’s eyes will glow purple after opening the back panel and placing the bunny. A lockdown event will begin, with a giant shield appearing. You need to defend the Burger Town mascot for two minutes — he’ll be moving and spitting out burgers the entire time.

Complete the event, and you’ll be rewarded with a Gold Loot Chest, with the possibility of getting rare items like the Ray Gun, Chrysalaxe Wonder Weapon, Perks, and lots of money / salvage. The lockdown event is easy to do, even solo, so there’s no reason not to go for it.

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