Black Ops Cold War Zombies: How To Unlock The Disco Club Easter Egg | Mauer Der Toten

Zombies need to party too. Hidden in the Mauer Der Toten map, players can teleport to a crazy 80s nightclub with dancing zombies and a sadistic plush bunny DJing. You just need to find all six parts of the bunny’s body to teleport there — and there are some big rewards to claim. This isn’t an easy Easter egg like the one in Firebase Z — you’ll have to fight a horde of zombies in a very enclosed space, and defeat a Mangler mini-boss before you’re allowed to claim a random reward. There are three mystery doors, and depending on what you pick, you’ll get a different prize for each one. Check out the full guide below for screenshots and text tutorials explaining exactly how to reach this weird hidden area.

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Disco Nightclub Easter Egg | Secret Location Guide

To enter the Disco Nightclub — a secret underground dance club with grooving zombies and a weird evil bunny DJing — you need to find six bunny plush parts. If you reach the club, you’ll get a chance at three rewards like free Juggernug. There are three mystery doors, and depending on which you open, you’ll get a special reward.

To collect bunny parts, you just need to hold [Interact] while looking at the item. The items are all different parts of the Bunny Plush. They’re blue, white, and a little bloody!

  • Bunny Plush Locations:
    • Part #1: Bar – On the corner seat, just to the left of the perk machine, there’s a bunny part.
    • Part #2: Grocery Store – On the end of the white shelf, under the “50%” sign.
    • Part #3: Hotel Room 304 – On the desk with the green tabletop and light, near the wrecked wall.
    • Part #4: Alley – In the alley at the bottom of the Garment Factory building, look in the corner with the stacked tires.
    • Part #5: Department Store – Accessed from West Berlin Street, use the zipline to reach this upper-level store. The bunny part is in the display case directly forward after you zip up.
    • Part #6: Sewer Access – At the bottom of the stairs from the Ghost Station door, on the ground near a carboard box.

Find all six parts in any order, and you’ll instantly teleport straight into the Zombie Disco! Be prepared, because you’ll have to fight a wave of zombies and a Mangler before you’re allowed to claim your prizes. I highly recommend grabbing a Pack-a-Punch gun before teleporting in. If you’re ready, then this is a worthwhile spot to get some free upgrades.

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