Black Ops Cold War Zombies: How To Build & Upgrade Klaus The Robot Buddy | Mauer Der Toten

Want an AI companion to help you fight back the infinite hordes of undead on Mauer Der Toten? You can do it by rebuilding Klaus, the most conspicuous Easter egg step you’ll encounter while exploring the ruins of Berlin. By finding two hidden items, you can rebuild Klaus and have him join you — you can order him order to specific spots, and he’ll attack any incoming zombies without your input. You can re-summon Klaus with the radios all around the map, and you can even upgrade him into a punk rock robot killing machine.

Below, you’ll find all the steps required to build and upgrade Klaus. Klaus is an important part of the main Easter egg quest, and upgrading him makes survival so much easier even if you’re playing solo. You can find Klaus in his chair in the underground Safe House — upgrading him can be tricky, but building him isn’t too bad at all. If you can reach Round 10 and unlock the Pack-a-Punch, you can absolutely succeed at building Klaus.

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How To Build Klaus | AI Companion Guide

To create Klaus the AI robot that fights alongside you, you need to reach the Safe House in the underground, accessible once you unlock the Maintenance Tunnel to the Power Room. You’ll find Klaus (the weird robot man) sitting in a chair in the Safe House.

To build him, you need to find two parts and install them. You can only get these parts by completing very specific steps in Mauer Der Toten.

  • Klaus Parts Locations:
    • Battery: Drops when you defeat a Tank Zombie Boss. Zombie Tanks spawn in Round 10+.
    • Robot Hands: Install the Brain Rot mod onto any weapon with the Pack-a-Punch, then travel to Hotel Room 305. Use Brain Rot to make a zombie friendly near the boarded up door — the friendly zombie will destroy the door, allowing you to enter the room and collect the robot hands. Interact with the body on the bed.

Now you can install both parts onto Klaus to bring him to life! But we’re not done yet. You can also upgrade Klaus with a special station in the Garment Factory.

How To Upgrade Klaus

To upgrade Klaus, travel to the Garment Factory and use the special station to make him a more powerful AI companion. Klaus can’t upgrade until the station (normally red) turns green. The upgrade station will activate once you get enough zombie kills with Klaus.

Tier 1 Klaus Upgrade: To use it, use your Tactical Klaus gadget to direct Klaus into the upgrade station. It takes 60 seconds to upgrade, so you need to defend the station while its going. Make sure to grab the upgrade item and install it onto the Upgrade Station before doing your first upgrade.

  • Klaus Upgrade Part Location:
    • Microwave Dish: Found in the “Death Strip” dark area outside the PaP Machine. Look for Debris Piles and search them — keep looking, and the Microwave Dish will randomly spawn as a reward.

Upgrading Klaus once will give him a Tier 1 PaP weapon. You can upgrade Klaus a total of three times.

Tier 2 Klaus Upgrade: To get the second (and third) upgrade, we need to first get the UV Attachment upgrade for Klaus. Go to the Switch Control Room and order Klaus to a single locker against the wall. Klaus will hit it and open it — collect the UV Attachment and you can begin your search.

With the UV Attachment, you can see a secret Klaus Icon on Electrical Boxes. There are 6 Electrical Boxes, and 2 have a Klaus Icon — you need to open the 2 Electrical Boxes with Klaus Icons, you can skip the rest. The boxes are always in the same locations, but which boxes have Klaus Icons will change randomly every session.

  • Klaus Boxes Locations:
    • Box #1: Hotel Lounge – On the inner corner of the room.
    • Box #2: 5th Floor Apartments – Between the door and bookshelf.
    • Box #3: Blasted Suite – Near the workbench. Use the zipline on the right side of West Berlin Street.
    • Box #4: West Berlin Street – Under the Cafe Mueller sign.
    • Box #5: Maintenance Tunnel – Outside the tunnel leading to the Safe House.
    • Box #6: Ghost Station – On the platform opposite the Maintenance Tunnel door.

Two of the boxes will contain a Cosmetic Disk — order Klaus near the boxes and he’ll open them. Take the disk and install one into the Upgrade Station to give Klaus a punk rock upgrade! He’ll also get a powerful Tier 2 PaP weapon.

Tier 3 Klaus Upgrade: Simply install the second Cosmetic Disk and upgrade Klaus a third time from the Upgrade Station to fully upgrade him. Now he’ll be able to dish out even more damage to the zombie hordes.

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