Black Ops Cold War Zombies: How To Unlock The Chrysalaxe Wonder Weapon For Free | Forsaken Guide

The Wonder Weapon in Forsaken is called the Crysalaxe Savager — a powerful crystal axe that is both a deadly melee weapon and a ranged weapon. By defeating zombies, you’ll earn more ammo for the axe, and it is absolutely required for the full Easter egg quest. Its also just a fun weapon that will make high round runs so much easier. If you’re aiming to get your own Crysalaxe Savager for free, there are multiple methods to do it. Learn how to get your own with the tips below.

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How To Unlock A Free Wonder Weapon | Chrysalaxe Savager Guide

You can earn a guaranteed Chrysalaxe by completing a side-Easter Egg quest. This can be done at any time while completing the main Easter egg. You need to collect three parts and put them together.

  • Polymorphic Crystal Core: After Round 9, a special part will drop in Jim’s Donuts on Main Street. Go to the part, and defeat the zombies that spawn — lots of mimics will appear here, so be ready.
  • Tempered Crystal Heart: Drops from the Tormenter Zombies — the red zombies that explode. Only drops if you kill them with fire-elemental damage. Ring of Fire, molotovs, or any flame weapons will work.
  • Dark Aether Crystal: Purple crystals will begin spawning all over the map after lifting the lockdown. To get this part, you need to lure an Abomination boss monster near a dark crystal, then bait it into firings its laser beam attack. When it hits the crystal, this part will spawn. (Hopefully. This step is very difficult right now!)

Take the three parts to the Particle Accelerator Room and find the large tank of purple water behind the large cylinder. Get melee kills after interacting with the pool to place all parts — after charging the machine with enough zombie souls, you’ll be able to claim the Wonder Weapon.

More Methods To Unlock The Chrysalaxe Savager

Right now, there are three optional methods to unlock the Chrysalaxe Savager — unlocking in the Mystery Box, completing Trials, or completing the Der Eisendrache mini-game for an easy Gold Loot Chest reward.

  • Players are reporting that the Wonder Weapon (Chrysalaxe Savager) is an extremely common Legendary Reward from completing Trials.
  • The Trials Machine is located in the Watch Tower. It costs 500 Essence to begin a random trial — usually trials involve killing zombies in a specific way. I recommend getting a Pack-a-Punch Weapon, then completing any trials that involve killing lots of zombies quickly through any method.

If you get a good trial, you can easily get Legendary Reward with a Pack-a-Punch’d weapon in the pre-10 Rounds. Return to the Watch Tower and collect your reward — it is guaranteed to drop after 5 Legendary Reward Drops from Trials, but usually it will spawn after 1-2 Legendary completions.

You can also go for the Mystery Box, but that is much more expensive and rare. The other option that is always worth going for is the Der Eisendrache Easter egg mini-game. If you get an Arcade Token (you can also melee the change machine for a chance to earn a free token) use it on the pinball machine in the Arcade. Bring a Pack-a-Punch’d weapon and defeat zombies in the purple circle until the rocket is fully charged. You’ll always get a Gold Chest with a chance to get the Wonder Weapon.

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