Black Ops Cold War Zombies: How To Get A Free Gun Upgrade | Mauer Der Toten

If you’ve got the skills, you can earn a free weapon upgrade in Mauer Der Toten, the third Zombies map for Black Ops Cold War. After turning on the power for the city, you’ll be able to activate a small, easy-to-miss folder on the rooftops that initiates a shooting game. If you can hit all five targets before they disappear, you’ll win an Aether Tool which upgrades the rarity of whatever gun you’re holding. Not a bad deal, but you have to be absurdly fast. The mini-game spawns five targets — the target appears, zips by, then disappears forever. Then another target appears in a new location. There are five locations total, and if you miss even one, you’ll fail the challenge.

Check below for locations and screenshots showing how to start this minigame and where to find all the targets before they disappear. You’ll really need to know ahead of time.

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Shoot Sign Letters For A Free Gun Upgrade | Easter Egg Guide

To earn a free Aether Tool — which automatically upgrades the gun you’re carrying to a higher tier, you can complete a small (and simple!) Easter egg in East Berlin. This Easter egg is especially useful for upgrading your gun from Tier 4 to Tier 5. I wouldn’t recommend wasting it upgrading a Tier 1.

To begin this Easter egg, you need to turn on power. After turning on the power for the city, you can begin the Easter egg mini-quest.

  • How To Get A Free Aether Tool | Gun Upgrade Easter Egg
    • Go to the Apartment Rooftop and go to the corner of the building facing the “Konighaus” and “Korber” neon signs.
    • In this corner, you’ll find a small piece of paper. Hold [Interact] to pick it up and begin a marksman minigame.

When you begin the Marksman Minigame, 5 targets will spawn in the buildings in the distance. They’re very difficult to spot without a scope. Try to get a gun with a scope before attempting this challenge!

  • Target #1: Target appears in the “Konighaus” neon sign, in the area that says “Konig.”
  • Target #2: Three stories beneath the sign, the second target appears in the windows with an orange light.
  • Target #3: Spawns in the “Korber” neon sign.
  • Target #4: Appears in the far building to the right of Korber. Look in the x3 bright yellow windows to the left of the “Der Dozent” neon sign.
  • Target #5: The last target appears in the “Der Dozent” neon sign.

Shoot all five targets quickly and the Aether Tool reward will spawn. Picking it up will automatically upgrade whatever gun you’re carrying, so swap guns if you want to upgrade something different. This is just a fun little Easter egg, and it warms my heart to see they’re still including weird, silly mini-games and secrets in Zombies maps.

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