Little Nightmares 2: How To Solve Every Major Puzzle | All Solutions Guide

Little Nightmares 2 throws a lot of weird stuff your way — and some of those weird things are mind-bending puzzles. There’s only a handful of complicated puzzles you’ll encounter in your adventures through the doomed city, but they can be pretty perplexing. Especially when you’re trying to chill out between harrowing chase sequences against the terrifying inhabitants of this dark world.

There’s usually one big puzzle in each chapter. If a puzzle made us pause and figure things out, it totally belongs on this list. We’re covering strange chess games, elevator shenanigans, X-Ray scans, and unexplainable otherworldly phenomenon. There are full puzzle steps for each of the big roadblocks that require multiple steps to solve. And if we’re missing something, let us know and we’ll add the solutions below.

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Chapter 2: Chess Puzzle

To solve the puzzle, you’ll first need o collect all the chess piece tops. The first top (Rook) is the flat piece you used to enter the room.

Collect the Rook and place it on the left chess piece on the board. Now you can climb on top and collect the King. Go to the far right of the room — past the map with a scrawled red eye — and jump onto the cabinet to get the Queen.

Now we need to checkmate the Black Queen. Place the Queen in the back-left spot. Place the Rook on the right spot. Place the King on the front-center spot. Use the picture above for reference.

  • NOTE: For a clue, you can jump and grab the map you passed earlier to get the Queen piece. Grab the metal rod and let go to reveal a solution.

Once all the pieces are in place, the lights will turn on. Use the Rook to climb onto the right table and hang off the light to open a secret door with the key you need to progress.

Chapter 3: X-Ray Puzzle

At the start of the hospital, you’ll enter a large multifloor room. On the lower floor, go right to find the examination room with an X-Ray machine. Continue right and you’ll find a room with three teddy bears.

One of the teddy bears contains the key. Check all three teddy bears by carrying them to the X-Ray and activating it with the switch. Once you find the teddy with the key inside, pick it up and walk to the elevator.

Ride the elevator down and then throw the bear into the incinerator on the right. Pull the swich near the incinerator door to burn it — now you can retrieve the key from inside.

Chapter 4: Elevator Puzzle

In the apartment building, you’ll reach an elevator in a ruined shaft. To solve this puzzle, you need to press the elevator switch and ride up — the gate to the floor is locked.

To get around the lock, hit the elevator switch and jump off to the right. There’s an upper ledge with stairs you can use to reach the upper floor. Open the office desk drawer to get the key and unlock the gate for the elevator.

Once you’re reunited with your friend, get on the elevator again and use the switch to go down. While the lift is going down, jump off and reach the crawlspace stairs leading back up — you need to return to the upper floor and use your friend to reach the raised switch that recalls the elevator.

Once you’re both on the upper hallway and the elevator is down below, use the raised switch to recall the elevator. Jump onto the roof of the elevator as it returns to reach the maintenance area and progress further.

Chapter 5: Purple Door Maze Puzzle

You’ll find endless doors that seem to teleport you with no rhyme or reason. To progress, you just need to listen to the music — follow the music and enter the doors where the music is loudest. You’ll need to enter multiple doors in a row and sometimes backtrack to doors you just came through.

For the hallway with four doors, make sure to push open the front-left door to open the back-right door. It makes sense!

In the long hallway with the hole in the center, push down the pole to create a bridge through the middle so you can access all the doors.

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