Nintendo Launches A Concierge Program To Help Users Pick Games

Nintendo has quietly launched a new tool called the Nintendo Switch Concierge, designed to help users become familiar with their new console. One of the sessions you can book is specifically designed to help you figure out what game to play next.

The Concierge lets users have a 1-on-1 video conference with a Nintendo employee to ask questions and get assistance on various general Switch-related topics. The sessions are 30 minutes-long, and you can book them on any day at times starting from 7 am to 8 pm. The sessions are free, and you must be 18 or older to book your session.

There are six session topics, one of which is called “Games (What to Play Next).” The description of the service reads: “Share and discuss recommendations on games to play next based on who is playing, play styles, favorite games, system and accessories owned.” It sounds pretty handy if you’ve got one specific kind of game you like and want more of it, or if you’re straying outside your comfort zone and need some guidance.

It’s one of two sessions that are game-specific. The other is called “Getting Started” and is about how Switch games work, how the cartridges function, and how to use the Wish List. It also lists “game genres” as one of the things it teaches you about. Honestly, it sounds like the sort of thing gamers have to teach their non-gaming relatives about.

That’s not the only thing the Concierge is for. The more general purpose appears to be to teach users how to use their Switch. One session is called “Nintendo 101” and is generally about setting up the console and how to purchase games. The rest are about security and privacy, your Nintendo account, and how to customize your interface (which reads like a thinly veiled plug for the Nintendo Inspired Instagram account).

If that sounds like something you need, you can book a session with the Concierge here.

Source: Kotaku