Little Nightmares 2: How To Unlock The Secret Ending | All 18 Glitched Remains Locations

There’s a bonus ending in Little Nightmares 2, and the only way to earn it is by finding all 18 “Glitched Remains” — strange twitchy after-images that litter the city. What are the glitched remains? We have no idea. But we do know where to find them all. And they’re well worth grabbing, because they’ll let you unlock an extra scene after the normal ending. It’s worth it.

These weird collectibles are the hardest-to-find things in the game. If you’re not looking carefully for optional rooms or hidden secret passages, you’ll never find them all in a single playthrough. Thankfully, they can’t be missed and you can replay any chapter to grab the ones you overlooked. There’s a completion counter on the Chapter Select menu, so you can always keep track of which collectibles you’ve got so far.

The text locations below should make getting them all a whole lot easier. Let’s go glitch hunting.

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Chapter 1: 4 Glitched Remains

Remain #1: Very early in the chapter, you’ll need to drop down into a ravine and climb back up the fallen bridge. Before going up, go to the dark corner to the front-right. There’s a tunnel you can crawl into for a hidden location.

Remain #2: Dropping down into the area filled with traps hidden by leaves, don’t pick up the stick just yet. Instead turn left and enter the hidden hole.

Remain #3: After escaping the house, you’ll reach the entrance to the hunting shed. Get the kid’s help to jump up to the outhouse door here to enter an optional scene.

Remain #4: At the very end of the chapter, when you reach the beach. You’ll find this one staring at a TV in the background before you enter the door.

Chapter 2: 6 Glitched Remains

Remain #5: In the back of the bar, you’ll need to push down a hanging TV off a ledge to raise up your friend. After jumping the gap and reaching the third floor, go down the path your friend used. There’s a glitching remain on the ledge.

Remain #6: At the school yard, before going inside, go to the back-right corner behind the main doors. There’s a remain near the dumpster.

Remain #7: Later in the school, you’ll have to navigate a room packed with desks in a huge pile. Climb through the broken window and enter a hallway lined with lockers. Open all the lockers near the door — there’s one partially open. To the left, there’s another you can pull open that contains a remain.

Remain #8: In the main hall after escaping the teacher, you’ll have to solve a chess puzzle. On the second floor of the main hall, go to the left balcony where there are two bottles — the glitch is near those two bottles.

Remain #9: Reaching the hallway of the lunch room, go into the foreground and you’ll find a serving rack you can climb on the right. Go to the left instead. There’s a room with a dead body and a remain collectible.

Remain #10: After escaping the school and crossing the extremely long chasm, you’ll reach a rainy alleyway. Push the dumpster to create a platform across, then you’ll spot this remain in a back alley straight head, near a paper boat.

Chapter 3: 4 Glitched Remains

Remain #11: Obtain the flashlight, then reach the large dark room lined with empty beds on both sides. Go to the far back of this room toward the door. There’s a push-toy with a remain nearby.

Remain #12: In the room filled with hanging prosthetics, you’ll pass into a hallway with more racks of arms / legs leading to a dead end in the background. Go check out the dead end to find this remain.

Remain #13: Reach the hallway where prosthetic arms burst out of the doors. Instead of racing forward, look toward the beginning — there’s a hole in the barred doors. Go inside the hole and through the door.

Remain #14: After escaping from the hallway of arms and crawling prosthetics, you’ll reach a shower room. Go to the back-left corner and move the crate to find a vent leading to a hidden room.

Chapter 4: 4 Glitched Remains

Remain #15: In the rainy alleyway between buildings with little stoops, go toward the background to find an open manhole. Climb all the way down to find it.

Remain #16: At the top of the elevator puzzle, in the maintenance area above the elevator, look in the front-left corner. Move the crate out of the way to find a vent leading to a hidden room.

Remain #17: On the rooftops between buildings, you’ll find a lattice awning you’ll have to climb up. Before going up, look under the awning — there’s an open window you can reach by climbing the crates behind the lattice.

Remain #18: Finally, you’ll land on a blue tile ledge on the outside of a building, with windows on your right. Your goal is straight to the right — but there’s a second window you can reach in the background.

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