Little Nightmares 2: All 12 Hats Locations | Collectibles Guide

Accessorize in the drab, disgusting world of Little Nightmares 2 with these hat locations. You need them all if you’re aiming for 100% completion — there are achievements / trophies for that. On top of the unlockables, these hats are just cool. You can customize your look with one of 12 hats earned in-game. Most of them require little puzzles or exploring areas you might’ve missed the first time around.

Basically, they’re worth unlocked. The Nome Hat in Chapter 1 is especially worth checking out — it’s an entire gameplay area you’ll never see if you don’t chase down one of those little Nome guys. A few hats are unlocked by other means, but most hats can be found as you progress normally. Check out the ordered list of locations below in our full text guide.

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Starting Hats: 2 Hats

Paper Bag Hat: Starter hat.

Mokujin Hat: Pre-order bonus.

Chapter 1: 3 Hats

Raccoon Skin Hat: Enter the creepy house in the forest. After leaving the kitchen, go into the hallway and go into the foreground. On the left, you’ll find the entrance hall — the hat is on the rug.

Nome Hat: The nomes from Little Nightmares 1 make an appearance! Kind of. In the attic of the house, in the room with the hanging key, check behind the dresser drawer you need to pull out to leave the area. A nome will pop out! Get the Kid to vault you up after it and chase it into the upper attic. Follow it up and around the room, until it leads you into another dark chamber. This is the longest bonus challenge in the game, so you don’t want to miss it.

Rain Slicker Hat: After escaping from the Hunter for the first time through the rabbit hole, you’ll have to leap over a chasm with your friend’s help. Ahead, there’s a pile of metal cages. Climb the cages and jump onto the hanging cage, then jump on top of it until it falls down and opens.

Chapter 2: 2 Hats

Ball Hat: You’ll run right past this without noticing it. In the school playground, before climbing the rope, there’s a hat in the dumpster near the front door. Go to the locked front door steps, and jump onto the dumpster to collect it.

Bucket Hat: At the start of the library, you’ll have to push the ladder right to climb up onto the high shelf. Don’t push the ladder all the way right — there’s a high shelf you can reach at the very top of the ladder with the bucket hat.

Chapter 3: 2 Hats

Teddy Bear Hat: To the right of the X-Ray machine, you’ll find a sitting room with three teddy bears. In the back-right corner of the room, use the stool to jump to the cabinet and climb to the top. That’s where you’ll find a teddy head.

Bandages Hat: Down in the morgue autopsy room where you have to navigate by pulling out the body cabinets, there’s a cabinet to the left of the examination table against the back wall. Pull it open to find this easy-to-miss mask.

Chapter 4: 2 Hats

Mailman Hat: Once you obtain the remote control, you’ll enter a room filled with mail boxes. Drop down to the lower area, and look on the left for a pile of letters. Go through this vent to find the police hat.

Baker Hat: In the shop that’s flooded with electrified water, grab the shopping cart and move it toward the shelf nearest the window you used to enter the room on the left. Climb onto the shelf to find this little hat against the back wall.

Chapter 5: 1 Hat

Agency Hat: Reward for completing the game.

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