Little Nightmares 2: How To Beat Every Enemy & Boss | School Kids, Hands & Final Boss Tips

We’re here for the disturbing, twisted monsters of Little Nightmares 2. Most of the massive creatures you face in the sequel can actually be fought — you don’t just run away this time around. Some players are experiencing problems with the pretty unforgiving combat, so we’ve got a few tips to help you survive some of the biggest encounters.

In a series first, you can also acquire weapons. Heavy pipes, hammers and other simple tools give you the power to smash certain enemies. No enemies are easy — they all have a few tricks up their sleeves to keep you on your toes. Others are completely alien, and you’ll have to learn what makes them tick if you want to survive.

We’ve got all the bad guys listed below. Some of them you can fight. Some of them you can only avoid. We’ve got tips to help you navigate all of them.

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Chapter 2: School Children

The first major enemy in the game. The School Children are living puppets that pause a beat before attacking you. If they lunge at you, it’s game over. They’ll always get you in one hit. They can be destroyed with a single hit from any weapon. The trick is all in the timing.

When a puppet child runs at you, wait for them to pause before their attack. Take a step toward them and swing your weapon for a clean hit to the dome. After some practice, you’ll learn what range they’ll generally pause. If you stand still, your weapon is likely to be out of range. You need to move toward them as they stop moving — they’ll always stop moving, even if you move closer to them.

The School Children can be annoying, but with a little practice you’ll be able to headshot them one-at-a-time perfectly.

Chapter 3: Crawling Hands

The Crawling Hands are one of the toughest enemies in the game — until you learn how to beat them. The Crawling Hands can dodge your attacks. When you attempt to hit them, they’ll either jump sideways or backwards, then counterattack after a moment. When they rear back, that means they’re about to strike. Instead of charging directly at you like School Children, they will alway stop just out of your weapon reach.

To make fighting them easier — especially difficult when you have to fight two of them at the same time — simple sprint while holding a weapon and dodge their attacks. Unlike the School Children, their lunge attack will miss if you move sideways. When they land to recover, you can strike them while they’re stunned.

Crawling Hands take 3 hits to defeat. Don’t hit them first. Just run away or sidestep, then attack when they miss. This makes these hard enemies much, much easier.

Chapter 3: Prosthetic Patients

The Prosthetic Patients are a different kind of pain. These twitching monstrosities only come to life when they’re in complete darkness. You’ll need to use your flashlight to fend them off. When a patient is near, your flashlight controls will change — your “Look” controls will become a rotation control. Instead of looking up / down, you’ll now swivel in a circle.

This way, you can move in one direction and face your flashlight in another. This makes it much easier to fight back hordes of them. Sometimes just a quick flash of light is enough to keep them frozen in place. Keep moving and don’t run. Instead, move carefully and keep your light shining on anything moving around in the darkness.

Chapter 4: Viewing Public

The Viewers are attracted to televisions. As long as a television is active in their area, they’ll sit still and watch it. They’ll only attack you if you get too close. Once you gain the Remote item, try to look for any alternate TVs you can flip on before turning one off. If you turn off the TV, they’ll immediately come for you. There’s no hiding from them either. They always know where you are immediately, and their default movement speed is faster than your sprint.

Like the Patients, there’s no way to kill them. Sometimes you’ll find a way to permanently disable them, but don’t even try to fight back. They’ll kill you instantly if you step into their transmission range. To lure them away with just one TV, use the remote to turn off and back on. Once a TV is on, they’ll lose interest in you.

Chapter 5: Six

The final boss is a tough fight. In the final battle, Six protects her music box in three phrases. Your goal is to lure her away and then strike the box with your weapon. Easier said than done.

The basic strategy is simple. Press [Triangle / Y] to yell and lure Six to your location. Stay near one of the purple portals with your weapon, then run through after luring her. It will teleport you to the opposite side.

While she’s distracted — wait for Six to stick her arm into the portal to make sure she doesn’t change directions — go for the music box. One hit will send you into the second / third phase.

The second and third phases require you to use four doors instead of two. Lure her to the front-left door, then run through. You’ll exit on the front-right door. Immediately run to the back-right door and lure her again. When she’s running for the back-right portal, run through it and exit to the back-left portal. Now you’ll have a clear shot on the music box.

The final phase adds one extra twist. You need to acquire your hammer from the ledge and reach the music box. Start by luring her to the back-left portal, then go through and grab the hammer from the back-right portal. Retreat with it! You won’t have time to strike or run far. Once you have the hammer, you can wait for her to reset to her music box, and repeat the strategy from the second phase.

  • Third Phase Strategy:
    • Lure Six to the front-left corner. Enter and you’ll exit in the front-right.
    • Go to the back-right door and lure her again. Run through and you’ll go to the back-left.
    • You’re now on the raise platform. Rush over to the music box while she’s distracted.

One last hit will send you into the for-real final phase. Six is guarding the music box desperately. Approach and use your yell to scare her off. This will stun her just enough time to attack the music box. Repeat until this battle is over. It’s a tough fight but you can win as long as you know the tricks.

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