Little Nightmares 2: How To Get Every Achievement / Trophy | 100% Completion Guide

We’re going for 100% completion in Little Nightmares 2, and if you’ve got a few guides handy, it’s entirely possible to get it done in a single playthrough.

The trickiest part is just figuring out exactly what these achievements / trophies want from you — they all have vague descriptions, usually revolving around something in the stage you need to accomplish. There are straightforward achievements / trophies for finding all the collectibles, and then there are strange little activities you’ll need to accomplish — like smashing certain statues, delivering packages, or wearing hats at different times.

Not exactly easy when monsters from your nightmares are stalking you. While we don’ have all the collectible locations listed here, you will find full guides for all of them in the links below.

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Completion Achievements & Trophies

Half Hat: Obtain 6/12 hats. Check the collectibles guide above for help finding them all.

Far Ahead: Obtain all hats. Again, check the collectibles guide for locations.

No More Remains: Find all 18 Glitched Remains in the game. Check the links above for more help.

How Do I Look: Put on the Agent Hat you unlock after completing the game.

In The Palm of My Hand: Hold Six (your friend’s) hand for six minutes.

Twenty Six: Call for Six 26 times total in a playthrough. Only works when she’s present.

Prime Time Content Consumer: Unlock all achievements / trophies, then replay the ending.

Chapter 1 | Achievements & Trophies

Evasive Prey: Reach the house in the woods without dying to a single trap. Just take it slow and replay the level if you die.

What’s In The Box: After climbing into the spooky house, pull open the refrigerator.

Fair Prey: Wear the Raccoon Trapper Hat for the entire ending sequence where the hunter chases you.

  • You’ll find the hunter hat in the house when you first arrive — leave the kitchen and go toward the foreground in the hall. Then go left to find a room with the hat. Put it on and wear it for the rest of the chapter.

Wild Kids: Find all the Glitched Remains collectibles in Chapter 1. Check the Glitched Remains Locations Guide linked above.

Foraged: Complete Chapter 1.

Chapter 2| Achievements & Trophies

Referee: Put on the Ball Hat and run through the soccer goal.

  • The Ball Hat and the soccer goal are located in the playground courtyard of the school before you enter. The hat is found on the dumpster near the locked school entrance door.

Fly Free: Collect the paper airplane in the children’s room at the very start of the school. It’s the room filled with bunks. Take it back to the window you entered the school from and throw the paper plane outside.

Bully of Bullies: During the classroom sequence, you’ll normally have to sneak through. Instead, alert them and let them chase you to the large bookcase you’ll climb later. When it tips over and falls, it will crush them.

Merciful Feat: Early on, when you acquire the pipe weapon in a room with a single sitting puppet child in a dunce cap, don’t smash him! Just leave with the pipe.

Mono Tones: Very late in the chapter you’ll find a piano. Run back and forth on the piano keys until you get this achievement / trophy.

School Kids: Find all the Glitched Remains collectibles in Chapter 2. Check the Glitched Remains Locations Guide linked above.

Schooled: Complete Chapter 2.

Chapter 3| Achievements & Trophies

True Colors: The Kid (Six) puts on her raincoat. You can’t miss it.

X Best Friends: In the X-Ray examination room, turn on the x-ray and then hold hands with Six behind the screen.

Toys Are For Kids: Put on the Teddy Bear Hat and burn all three teddy bears in the incinerator. Next to the X-Ray room, there’s a playroom with teddy bears. The incinerator is down the elevator at the entrance.

  • The Teddy Bear Hat is found in the same room as the teddy bears. Climb to the very top of the bookshelf in the back-right corner.

Popcorn: In the Hospital Lobby, you’ll eventually gain the fuse to unlock the door to the right. After unlocking it, you’ll find a corn cob near a wheelchair. Take the corn cob down to the incinerator and burn it.

… And Stay Dead: After defeating a hand, smack it three more times with your weapon.

Objection: Before the hallway near the grabbing mannequin hands sequence, there’s a scrawled eye looking down on some cheese. Collect it and take it to the hidden Glitching Remains room and toss the cheese into the hole.

  • The room is located in the back of the hallway where the prosthetic hands claw from the locked doors. There are broken bars in the back of the hall.

First Do No Harm: After trapping the doctor in the incinerator, don’t pull the switch to burn him. Just leave through the elevator.

Medicine Ball: Escaping from a swarm of Mannequins, you’ll reach a room with a medicine ball. Throw it into their frozen hands.

Hunger: On the way out of the hospital, use the vending machine until it stops spitting out snacks.

Sick Kids: Find all the Glitched Remains collectibles in Chapter 3. Check the Glitched Remains Locations Guide linked above.

Hospitalized: Complete Chapter 3.

Chapter 4| Achievements & Trophies

Post Industrial: At the second elevator puzzle, you’ll need to put on the Postman Hat (check the Hat Locations guide) and go down the trash chute to the mail area. Push the large package into the mail box marked with an eye symbol.

Unlady Like: Enter the secret room with the Glitched Kid with a Lady statue from the first game. Push the statue down to break it.

Pale Kids: Find all the Glitched Remains collectibles in Chapter 4. Check the Glitched Remains Locations Guide linked above.

Paled: Complete Chapter 4.

Chapter 5| Achievements & Trophies

Signal Interruption: Complete Chapter 5

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