Black Ops Cold War: Zombies – Groove With This Dancing Monkey Bomb Easter Egg | Firebase Z Guide

The Monkey Bomb is one of the most useful weapons in your Call of Duty: Zombies arsenal. It’s an evil cymbal-carrying monkey that pulls zombies into its vortex before exploding and taking them out with it. The Monkey Bomb is a quintessential piece of Zombies kit every player needs, and it gets a little better in Firebase Z.

As revealed by Youtuber Glitching Queen, there’s an awesome additional mini-Easter egg related to our favorite distracting monkey toy. This weird little secret really doesn’t do anything to help you — you won’t get free Perks, you won’t find any shortcuts or skips. But it will make zombies dance, and that’s worth all the effort in the world.

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Monkey Bomb upgrade easter egg (Credits: Glitching Queen) from r/CODZombies

The weird Monkey Bomb upgrade can be obtained in a small Easter egg quest that’s actually pretty similar to the quest from Gorod Krovi in Black Ops 2. It’s all about getting kills with the Monkey Bomb, but it’s a whole lot easier this time around. Probably.

To get the upgraded Monkey Bomb, you need to get 50+ kills in Aether Reactor areas. So that’s Mission Control, Military Command, and Data Center. So round up a horde of zombies, toss down a Monkey Bomb, and let it explode. Do it twice and you’re done.

The upgraded Monkey Bomb flashes red and plays some hip-hop jams, causing zombies to breakdance like its 1982. You can watch the new dance animations in the embedded video above. It’s a pretty hilarious little secret, and it’s kind of amazing we’re still finding secrets in Firebase Z. Here’s hoping the next free maps will be as jam-packed as this one.

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