Hitman 3: How Speedrunners Beat Dubai In 8 Seconds & Why You Can Do It Too

Speedrunners have discovered an absurdly fast time for Dubai, the first mission in Hitman 3 — and doing it is so simple, basically anyone can pull it off with a little bit of practice. It’s so easy, we’re going to explain exactly how confirmed Speedrunners are beating this level so far.

It’s important to know that the 8 second speedrun is for completing the bare minimum of objectives. This isn’t a Silent Assassin, Suit Only run — it’s not even a Silent Assassin run, which basically means you’re not doing anything required of you in Hitman 3. You’re just shooting guys. But you have to be a pretty good shot to pull off these times.

Let’s take a look at those speedruns and see exactly what’s going on.

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Speedrunners are starting the Dubai map at the lobby — this is where Agent 47 starts the level on subsequent playthroughs, but you can always go back for the cinematic opening if you want.

The two targets — Marcus Stuyvesant and Carl Ingram are standing at two balconies overlooking the lobby for a very brief moment. Marcus appears briefly on the hallway outside the Security Room (Level 2) while Carl is on the balcony next to the Conference Room (Level 3).

Marcus very quickly moves out of his spot, so speedrunners target him first. He can’t be shot from the starting area, so they move to the right staircase and gain just enough height to pop him in the head with 47’s pistol. Using the vision mode highlights them in red — you’ll have just enough time to catch Marcus before he enters the Security Room.

NOTE: Marcus moves too quickly down the hallway. To slow him down, a single bullet impact near his location will cause him (or a guard) to investigate. Using a Silenced Pistol, speedrunners are briefly distracting Marcus. Otherwise this just isn’t possible.

Rapidly spin around and look straight up to see Carl Ingam leaning over the half-circle ledge up on Level 3. He’ll stay longer, and he’s a much more prominent target — land a headshot, and you can leave through the elevator doors.

It’s insanely simple, but requires some precise timing and very sharp aiming. This probably isn’t really possible on console — it’s possible to shoot them both and leave, but you won’t get the same speed. On PS5, my slow attempt got me to finish in about 15 seconds.

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