Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity – 7 Useful Tips The Game Doesn’t Explain | Fast Gold, Secret Abilities & More

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is one of the fastest selling games on the Nintendo Switch — and it’s no surprise why. It’s the first semi-sequel to Breath of the Wild, the blockbuster hit that almost everyone with a Nintendo Switch has in their collection. Replacing exploration with all-out action, you’ll be able to level up and brawl through entire armies of monsters marching on Hyrule.

And like the game’s inspiration, there’s a whole lot of little wrinkles it leaves you to figure out all on your own. Even after 20+ hours, there are still weird features I only just learned about. So if you’re currently digging into the game and want to know more, here are a handful of things the game doesn’t really explain.

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#1: Every Weapon Has Two Secret Seals

Unlocking the Blacksmith is an important side-job in Hyrule, because this service gives you the ability to Fuse Weapons. For a small gold fee, you can combine multiple weapons to level up one — and leveling up a weapon to its max level will unlock two secret weapon seals.

These upgrades tend to be pretty powerful, so if you’re throwing away weapons I highly recommend sticking with upgrading — especially with the Master Sword. You might just get a seal that heals you as you damage enemies.

#2: The Most Powerful Weapon

While we’re talking about weapon upgrades, you’ll definitely want to keep the Master Sword when you unlock it. The Master Sword is considered a “Tier 3” weapon, so it will increase in strength +2 instead of +1 when leveling up. It’s the earliest Tier 3 weapon you’ll find by far, so start upgrading it early for an unbeatable one-handed weapon.

#3: Earn x2.5 More Gold By Selling To Specialist Vendors

As you progress through the Hyrule map, you’ll unlock lots of different vendors. Each vendor sells specific types of items — and they don’t always appear. Well, there’s something I had no idea about until recently. Each vendor will pay x2.5 more gold when selling them items matching their specialty.

If you’re looking to sell stuff, always check your vendors and see if you can get some extra gold easily.

#4: Use Alternate Methods To Trigger WPG (Weak Point Gauge)

Large Enemies and Bosses use attacks with specific counts — Remote Bombs blast through shields, Stasis stops spinning attacks, and Cryonis blocks chargers. But every big enemy also has an alternate counter you can trigger at any time.

Moblins can be put into a WPG (Weak Point Gauge) state by targeting their heads — attack them while you’re mid-air! Stone Talus can be wrecked by using bombs to blast off both arms. And use Link’s arrows to aim at Hinnox’s eye to immediately stun it. Always look for extra ways to weaken the big bosses!

#5: You Can Unlock More Weapon Slots With Korok Seeds

In Chapter 3, you’ll take on a mission to liberate the Lost Woods and gain the hero Hestu. You’ll also gain special side-jobs you can complete to unlock additional weapon slots for all characters. If you’re strafing under the 20 weapon limit, just remember you’ll be able to upgrade often.

Just keep a lookout for Korok Seeds, which are required to upgrade your inventory slots. These special collectibles are found all over each level map — look for wind-wheels, marked tree stumps, or floating balloons. Anything that looks suspicious is probably a Korok hiding place.

#6: You Can Control The Baby Guardian On The Loading Screen

A simple one that’s really cute. Press [L] or [R] to move the baby guardian left / right, or press [B] to jump. He can even whistle by tapping [X]!

#7: You Can Remove & Replace Seals With The Seal Remover

Complete “Daily Drill” quests as you progress through the story, and you’ll eventually gain “Daily Drill: Gerudo” which gives you access to the Seal Remover service. This allows you to remove and further customize your weapons with new seals. If you’re worried about the seal you’re stuck with currently, just keep going!

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