Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity – Why This Is Secretly The Best Character In The Game

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity takes all your favorite characters from Breath of The Wild and throws them into a fast-paced action game where your heroes face off against the armies of darkness — basically, it’s like Legend of Zelda mixed with Dynasty Warriors. Age of Calamity is very different from most other Dynasty Warriors games because it perfectly matches the style and creativity of Breath of the Wild, giving you more abilities and methods for taking down your foes.

And that includes a whole host of characters to play as. Sometimes you’ll be able to control multiple characters and rapidly swap between them on the battlefield — and some of the unlockable characters are pretty surprising. One of the best we’ve found so far comes straight from the fan-favorite corner of Breath of the Wild. Yes, we’re talking about the maraca-shaking Hestu, the giant Korok that just loves to dance. Here we’re going to explain why this very silly character just might be the best in the game.

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Why Hestu Is Secretly The Best Character

After unlocking all the champions, you’ll do a mission to save the Lost Forest and gain the giant Korok Champion Hestu as a playable character. They seem like a joke — but they’re unstoppable with the right combo.

  • Rock Bomber Ability: Press Y+Y+Y+X to launch a bomber attack.

Press [ZR] to summon Korok Helpers, then press Y+Y+Y+X. This attack launches Koroks into the air where they drop rocks on enemies like bombers. Later, you can unlock a follow-up that will order the Koroks to bombard the targeted area, doing insane damage and instantly draining weakness meter.

By summoning Korok Helpers with [ZR] you’ll do more damage, and can target specific enemies with a killer follow-up pressing [X] again. To really melt enemy HP bars, use this simple combo.

  • Hestu’s Killer Combo:
    • Press [ZR] to summon Koroks.
    • Press [X] to throw rocks.
    • Press [Y+Y+Y+X] to unleash the rock bomber attack.
    • Press [X] while the bombers are mid-air to specifically target the area in front of Hestu.

Pressing [ZR] gives you more Koroks to deal more damage, but it isn’t required. You can launch a rock bomber attack without any Koroks — some get summoned during your attack.

Get an enemy stuck in a corner, and all the Koroks will fly directly above the enemy, hitting them with all the Korok bombers. This attack might be one of the most devastating in the game.

This isn’t the only reason Hestu is amazing. They might be slow, and summoning Koroks takes a few moments, but Hestu is still a killer when ranking all the available heroes. Let’s go over the reasons.

  • Reasons Why Hestu Is The Best:
    • Hestu uses maracas as a weapon that deal area-of-effect damage with each rattle.
    • Hestu summons friends that amplify all of their strong attacks — and amplify their Sheikah Slate attacks.
    • Hestu’s Special does a little dance — and enemy minions will join in on the dance!

If you’re not convinced, then there’s no helping you. Okay — seriously, all the characters in Age of Calamity are awesome, and the only thing that matters is playing your favorite. Hestu just happens to be a lot cooler than they seem. If you skipped right past Hestu, you might want to give them another try.

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