Resident Evil 3 Remake: How To Open Every Optional Lock & Safe | Code Solutions Guide

It wouldn’t be a Resident Evil game without lockers, safes, and hidden passcodes. Like in Resident Evil 2 remake, you’ll have to scrounge for memos to solve safe combinations or search for context clues to get valuable items. Some extremely useful items are hidden in safes, and you don’t necessarily have to solve the puzzle to actually open these containers. If you memorize the codes, you can get in for a quick speedrun.

Right from the start, you can miss out on a Handgun Upgrade, or skip right past a Hip Pouch behind a safe. For your return trip to the RPD Building, you’ll find that all the codes are completely identical to the first game — but, if you’re like me, you totally forgot them all anyway. There are still a few new codes you’ll want to know, so here’s the full list.

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How To Open Every Optional Lock & Safe | Code Solutions Guide

While exploring Raccoon City, you’ll find lots of optional lockers and safes. These require code combinations, and you’ll have to search for clues around the environment — not all of them are obvious either. Below, I’ll list all the codes and safe combinations in the game.

Safe Code #1: Downtown 2F Warehouse – In the Warehouse opposite the optional Pharmacy. Use the code [7-10-3] to open it. You’ll find a [Dot Sight (Handgun)] upgrade.

Safe Code #2: Police Station West Office – Input the code [9-15-17] to unlock the safe. It contains a [Hip Pouch] upgrade.

Lock Code #1: Police Station Shower Room – Input the code [C-A-P].

Lock Code #2: Police Station Third Floor Hall – Input the code [D-C-M].

Safe Code #3: Hospital Nurse Station – Input the code [9-3] to unlock the safe. Contains the [Dual Magazine (Assault Rifle)] upgrade.

That covers all the codes and safes in the game. Open them all in a single playthrough to unlock the ‘RE Master of Unlocking’ reward.