Resident Evil 3 Remake: All Hip Pouch Locations | Inventory Expansion Guide

When it comes to the Resident Evil series, we could all use more inventory slots. Jill Valentine starts Resident Evil 3 with 8 inventory slots — and those slots will fill up fast with special weapons, key items, healing items, and more random stuff you’ll pick up as you progress. To carry more stuff, you’ll need to track down these incredibly handy Hip Pouch collectibles.

Returning from the Resident Evil 2 remake, Hip Pouches are special items that instantly unlock +2 inventory slots for Jill. These are some of the hardest-to-find items in the game. You’ll need to solve optional puzzles, reach missable areas, and generally search everywhere you can to find all the extra inventory slots. The more the merrier, right?

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Hip Pouch Locations | Inventory Expansion Guide

Hip Pouches are permanent upgrade collectibles that give Jill Valentine +2 inventory slots. They’re incredibly useful. Here’s where to find all of them — many can be missed if you don’t complete everything in each area.

Hip Pouch #1: Subway Power Station – Located right next to the type writer / item box.

Hip Pouch #2: Subway Station Entrance – Input all three gems into the puzzle device in the [Subway Station] Save Room.

  • Red Gem: Donut Shop – Found in the Save Room.
  • Green Gem: Toy Uncle – Found in the Toy Uncle. Requires [Lock Pick].
  • Blue Gem: Convenience Store – Found in the Convenience Store on the same street as the Toy Store. Requires [Bolt Cutters].

Hip Pouch #3: Sewers Security Room – After the first Battery Pack, unlock the shortcut door and recollect the pack to unlock the Security Room in the Upper Waterway.

Hip Pouch #4: West Office – Input the code [9-15-7] to unlock the safe containing this upgrade for Carlos.

Hip Pouch #5: Hospital Lobby 1F – Found in the Breaker Room during the siege event during Carlos’ Hospital section.

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