Resident Evil 3 Remake: No-Spoilers Walkthrough | Underground Storage & NEST 2 [3/3]

Defeat Nemesis once and for all in the final part of our Resident Evil 3 remake walkthrough. The ending is completely re-imagined, only barely resembling the events from the original game. That’s all a good thing, because you’ll have to explore yet another secret Umbrella facility, fight terrifying new enemies called “Pale Heads”, and face-off against two new forms of Nemesis.

After a big middle-section with Carlos, we’re back in control of Jill as she attempts to acquire a vaccine culture to save Raccoon City. In the original game, Jill just wanted to escape before a nuclear bomb wiped the midwestern city off the map. Here, she’s got a slightly loftier goal. You’ll have to deal with a taunting Nicholai and Nemesis as you progress through the monster-filled hallways of NEST 2.

Below, I’ll explain where to find every useful items, how to solve every puzzle, and tips to takedown the last two bosses.

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Hospital Pt. 2

Get the [Lock Pick] and use it on the locked door in [Reception]. Follow the path to the lift controls to access [Underground Storage].

  • Grab the [G18 Handgun (Burst Model)] before leaving the Makeshift Sick room in the [Hospital].
  • Before going to the [Underground Facility], go to [Hospital 2F] and crawl through the barricade near the [Nurse’s Station] to find the [.44 AE Lightning Hawk Magnum].

Underground Storage

Follow the path underground to the [Office].

  • Grab the final [Hip Pouch] for Jill in the [Office] Save Room.

Enter the large [Underground Storage] room. You need to collect [3 Fuses] — each [Fuse] is found in a lit-up panel.

  • In the southeast corner, lower the elevator platform to find a hidden [Shell Holder (Shotgun)] weapon upgrade.

Unlock the shortcut door after the second [Fuse] and collect all three [Fuses], then return to the elevator. Use the [Fuses] to restore power and ride up.

The lift takes you to the [Surveillance Room].

  • Don’t miss the [Extended Barrel (MAG)] weapon upgrade in the [Surveillance Room].

Check the lit monitor in [Surveillance Room] and you’ll enter a new area.


Your goal in [NEST 2] is to synthesize the [Vaccine]. To do that, you need to acquire the [Antigen] and the [Adjuvant].

  • Go to the [Storage Room] to collect the [Nest 2 Map].

Go to [NEST 2 2F] and collect the [Flash Drive] Key Item from the [Vaccine Equipment] room.

Use the [Flash Drive] to unlock the door down the hall in [Nest 2 1F]. You have two options — go down, or go up.

  • Take the stairs down. Push the large power generator tube in place, then take the lift to the [Incubation Lab]. Collect the [Liquid-Filled Test Tube]. Examine it to re-label it [Adjuvant Sample].
  • Go upstairs to [Lab 1] and use the control panel to acquire [Culture Sample]. Examine it to re-label it [Antigen Sample].

Combine the two items to gain the [Vaccine Base]. Use it on the [Vaccine Equipment] to begin the mixing puzzle.

  • To solve the [Vaccine Equipment] puzzle, set the machine to:
    • Mid | High | Low

Collect the [Vaccine] and sneak through the vent to reach a Save Room.

Ahead, you’ll encounter [Nemesis Stage 3]. Be prepared — grab as much Grenade Launcher ammo as you can carry.

  • To defeat [Nemesis] in the [Disposal Site] arena, use [Explosive / Flame / Acid Rounds] and any other weapon. Damage him until Carlos arrives to help.
  • Damage [Nemesis] until it circles the arena. When Carlos calls a location, shoot the red lights to shock and stun [Nemesis]. When he falls, shoot the exposed heart.
  • Zombies will periodically flood into the arena. Kill them ASAP with [Grenade Rounds] — 1 per zombie to get rid of them quickly.

Electrocute [Nemesis] two more times. These final two times, Carlos will shoot [Nemesis] with an [Acid Round]. After three stuns, the battle is over.

Next, you’ll reach a Save Room. Stock up on [Pistol Ammo] and [MAG Ammo]. Accuracy helps against the next boss.

The final boss is [Nemesis Stage 4]. This massive boss can’t be harmed. Turn around, and use the [Rail Gun] to shoot it.

  • Three Power Cores will release. To recharge the [Rail Gun], you need to push in all three cores.
  • You need to stun [Nemesis] to push the cores. Shoot the glowing orange pustules on its body. Once all of them are destroyed, it will be temporarily stunned. Quickly run and push in two cores.
  • The arena is filled with [First Aid Spray] and [Pistol Ammo]. If you’re low, look in the back-left / back-right corners.

You need to stun [Nemesis] twice to give yourself enough time to push in all three Power Cores. Once the Power Cores are in place, interact with the [Rail Gun] to defeat [Nemesis] and complete the game.

There’s one final encounter. Aim carefully!