Resident Evil 3 Remake: No-Spoilers Walkthrough | Downtown Raccoon City [1/3]

Jill Valentine returns for another round in the Resident Evil 3 remake, upgrading and enhancing the classic mainline entry in the Resident Evil series and making Nemesis more aggressive than ever before. He’ll leap after you, use virus-vines to snatch you, and eventually gains access to his iconic rocket launcher. As if Nemesis wasn’t hard enough already.

Like previous games in the series, you’ll have to navigate large areas, exploring carefully to uncover hidden items, upgrade your weapons / inventory, and ultimately survive the zombie outbreak in Raccoon City. Jill has an extra dodge mechanic that makes life easier, but you’ll still be dealing with weird puzzles and vast areas to explore. If you’re looking for a little extra help, we’re here to provide spoiler-free tips in our complete walkthrough guide.

You’ll find locations for every important item (Key Items, Weapon Upgrades, and Hip Pouches) along with extra tips to help you win every challenging undead-infused scenario. Grab your trusty lock pick, and let’s get started.

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This is a low-spoilers guide, so I won’t talk about every monster or enemy encounter unless it’s extremely important. This guide covers everything you need to know — how to solve puzzles, where to find key items, and locations for important upgrades.

Reach [Redstone Street Station] and exit to [Downtown] to begin the “Reactivate power at the substation” mission. Go to the alley north of [Uncle Toy’s] to find the burning fire blocking your path.

  • Go to the second floor warehouse across the street from the [Pharmacy].
  • Safe Code: Input the code [7-10-3] to gain the [Dot Sight (Handgun)] Weapon Upgrade.

Go to the [Subway Office] and collect the [Fire Hose]. Return to the [Toy Uncle Alley] and use the [Fire Hose] on the hydrant to put out the fire.

Collect the [Bolt Cutters] from the tool shelf in the [Garage Safe Room]. Use the [Bolt Cutters] on the Safe Room door to access the [Garage].

  • Use [Bolt Cutters] in the [Subway Office] to collect the [M3 Shotgun].

Go to the [Subway Power Substation] and collect the [Hip Pouch] in the Save Room.

Collect the [Case] from the body downstairs and Examine to get the [Lock Pick]. Use the [Lock Pick] on the Simple Lock door to enter the [Subway Power Substation] maze — activate all four Circuit Breakers, then return to the [Control Room] to flip the switch.

Return to the [Subway Office] — on the way, [Nemesis] will appear.

  • Down Nemesis to collect the [Supply Case]. One grenade will temporarily down him and drop the case. Examine to gain the [Extended Magazine (Handgun)] upgrade.

In the [Subway Control Room] in the [Subway Office], interact with the Control Panel and input the following.

  • FA-02
  • RA-03
  • SA-02
  • FO-01

Return to the [Redstone Subway Station]. [Nemesis] will appear outside the [Donut Shop].

  • Down [Nemesis] outside the [Donut Shop] and he will drop the [Moderator (Handgun)] weapon upgrade.
  • In the [Redstone Subway Station], lure [Nemesis] to the two red barrels and shoot them. Use the yellow vent cover three times to escape.

Optional Puzzle Solution: In [Redstone Subway Station], collect three [Gem] key items

  • Red Gem: Donut Shop – Found in the Save Room.
  • Green Gem: Toy Uncle – Found in the Toy Uncle. Requires [Lock Pick].
  • Blue Gem: Convenience Store – Found in the Convenience Store on the same street as the Toy Store. Requires [Bolt Cutters].

Put in all three [Gems] to acquire the ‘Power Stones’ achievement / trophy and three items: (1) Grenade, Tactical Stock (Shotgun), and a Hip Pouch.

Escaping [Nemesis], you’ll arrive in the [Sewers].

  • Collect the [Sewers Map] from the [Manager’s Office] and follow the [Lower Walkway] south to the [Office]. Collect the [MGL Grenade Launcher].

To progress, go to the [Lab] and collect the [Battery Pack].

Backtrack to the ladder near the slide, climb up, and use the [Battery Pack] on the Electronic Lock door. Ahead, unlock the shortcut to recollect the [Battery Pack].

  • Take the [Battery Pack] and use it on the [Security Room] door to get the [Hip Pouch].

Lower the ladder shortcut and use the [Battery Pack] on the first Electric Lock door you encountered in the [Sewers].

Upstairs, you’ll encounter [Nemesis] in the [Demolition Site]. This initiates a boss fight on the roof.

  • Shoot [Nemesis] in the fuel container until it ignites. While burning, [Nemesis] is vulnerable to direct damage.

Exiting, you’ll reach the [RPD Exterior] – go to [Gun Shop Kendo] to acquire [Kendo’s Gate Key]. Use it to unlock the locked alleyway outside the shop.

  • Don’t miss the [Semi-Auto Barrel (Shotgun)] in [Gun Shop Kendo].

Ahead, [Nemesis] will appear for another chase. Just run and you’ll escape to the subway.

  • Down [Nemesis] here to receive [x6 Flame Rounds].