Netflix Reportedly Working On A Resident Evil Series

Netflix may soon have another big video game series show in their catalog. After the success of Castlevania, the mature animated series, it doesn’t come to much surprised if there are more pushes for video game adaptations on the popular streaming service. In the past, we’ve seen reports that Resident Evil would soon be turned into a television series much like how it became a blockbuster film franchise. Now a new report was made by Deadline that Netflix is following through with the rumors and will be pursuing a Resident Evil series release.

There are not too many details regarding the series yet as Deadline reporter, Nellie Andreeva, only heard of a Resident Evil series is in the works. There were no sources labeled and it seems that news of Netflix attempting to bring the popular horror franchise to the streaming service is a bit too new in order for any big details to emerge online. Instead, there was only a brief description of where the current draft of the series will take viewers. Apparently, the series will help flesh out the lore and bring out a narrative in which reveals the inner workings of the Umbrella Corporation as the T-virus becomes a worldwide pandemic.

It’s not stated as to if this series will be connected to the film franchise or moved over to focus on a journey based around the video games. Likewise, the production is being taken control by Constantin Film though we are wondering as to if this series will connect any characters from the video games in this series.

As of right now, Netflix has not commented on the report and it seems that it’s likely going to remain in the dark until more information is finalized such as a showrunner to help get this series out for viewers to enjoy. At any rate, what do you think of a Resident Evil Netflix series? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.

[Source: Deadline]