Resident Evil 3 Remake – How To Perfect Dodge & Cancel Zombie Grabs | Advanced Combat Tricks

The Resident Evil 3 remake changes the basics of zombie combat with two new additions — the dodge ability, and the knife. It’s going to take some getting used to, but if you properly use these powers, you can conquer just about any fight easier than ever before. It just requires precise timing and a whole lot of bravery.

Defense Items are gone this time around. In last year’s Resident Evil 2 remake, Leon and Claire could equip knives or grenades to fight back against the grabby undead running amok in Raccoon City. Those items would break after one use, and the heroes were pretty stationary — no last minute dodging allowed.

The knife returns as a weapon Jill, S.T.A.R.S. member extraordinaire, can equip and use with a lot more finesse than her friends. Her knife is a huge upgrade, and much more powerful than the knife in RE2R. Combining the knife and the dodge, and you can become an impossibly nimble anti-zombie killing machine. But, it will take some practice.

With this guide, I’m going to try to explain dodging, how to perform a special perfect dodge move, and cover the knife’s new tricks. Used properly, it can be truly OP.

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Perfect Dodging & Knife Tricks | Advanced Combat Tips

When used properly, the dodge mechanic and knife have incredible utility. You’ll need to equip and select the knife to use it, and it’s a powerful weapon against the undead. The dodge helps you escape sudden attacks, and if you use it at just the right moment, you’ll earn a ‘perfect dodge’ — time will slow down, giving you a chance to unleash a counterattack on your enemy.

The timing for perfect dodges is tricky. Using a knife is a whole lot easier and more straightforward. Here’s a few quick tips for how (and when) you’ll want to use the knife.

  • Knife Tips – How To Interrupt Zombie Attacks:
    • The knife never breaks. The knife is not a “defensive” weapon like in RE2 remake. You can use it at any time.
    • Attack just as a zombie lunges toward you to interrupt their grab. It will briefly make them flinch and stop their animation completely.
    • To do this, hold forward to perform a stab with your knife. Hold back after a lunge-stab and Jill will hop backwards a safe distance, giving you time to pull out your gun.

I highly recommend practicing with the knife. Avoiding zombie attacks is one of your most important abilities, and you’ll probably start to wonder how you managed to survive without it before long.

The dodge is a little more straightforward, but a lot trickier. The dodge ability allows Jill to quick-step forward, backward, left or right. You don’t get invincibility frames on this dodge, so you need to literally avoid incoming enemies — dodge backwards if a zombie is right in front of you, or left / right depending on their direction. Dodge forward to avoid a zombie behind you.

At first, the dodge feels a little unnatural, but it’s a very important mechanic you’ll absolutely need to use to survive in RE3r. It isn’t just a highly effective method for running — you can use the dodge to lay down some serious damage on enemies with that perfect dodge.

  • How To Perfect Dodge | Advanced Technique
    • If you dodge away from an enemy attack right before they hit you, you’ll perform a ‘perfect’ dodge. You’ll enter a slo-mo state where you can deliver a powerful counterattack.
    • When dealing with zombies, wait for them to be very close, then watch their bodies. When you hear a moan at very close range, that means they’re about to attempt a grab.
    • Don’t watch a zombies hands — watch their body. Dodge when they’re extremely close, or right when they make a moan sound. If you’re a little far away, you can dodge straight into them and still earn a perfect dodge.
    • For safety, try practicing with a backward dodge. You can still avoid a zombie grapple from that range. The timing must be extremely tight. I recommend making a save, practicing, and reloading.

Perfect Dodge counterattacks can be especially powerful. It’s possible to down Nemesis with a single perfect dodge and using the knife to go nuts on his chest regulator. It’s a killer technique