Resident Evil 3 Remake: No-Spoilers Walkthrough | Police Station & Hospital [2/3]

The Resident Evil 3 remake introduces some pretty significant story changes in this next chunk of gameplay — you’ll play as Carlos, investigating a quick Umbrella mystery before moving on to an extremely expanded hospital. In the original RE3, the hospital was barely a pitstop. This time around, there’s a whole lot more terror to discover in the infested halls of Spencer Memorial.

It isn’t just story tweaks, but structure — you’ll move into new areas rapidly, leaving old ones behind while you explore the ruins of Raccoon City. You’ll also encounter Nemesis for one big boss battle. I’ll explain everything you need to do to progress, and where to find the most useful items in every area. That includes solving puzzles, cracking lock codes, and grabbing all the permanent upgrades.

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This is a low-spoilers guide, so I won’t talk about every monster or enemy encounter unless it’s extremely important. This guide covers everything you need to know — how to solve puzzles, where to find key items, and locations for important upgrades.

Police Station [Carlos]

Before entering the [Main Hall], collect the [ID Card] from the body in the [Entrance].

  • Go to the West Office and use the [ID Card] to open the security case. The [Scope (Assault Rifle] weapon upgrade is located there.
  • Safe Code: Input the code [9-15-7] to find a [Hip Pouch] inventory upgrade.

Travel upstairs to the [Shower Room] and collect the [Electronic Gadget] from the cracked wall.

  • Lock Code: In the [Shower Room], input the code [C-A-P] on the lock for a Flash Grenade.

Get the [Key] in the [Third Floor Hall] then backtrack to the [Safety Deposit Room]. Use the Control Panel and input [1-0-4] to unlock the [Battery] locker.

  • Lock Code: In the [Third Floor Hall], input the code [D-C-M] for extra [Assault Rifle Ammo].

Examine the [Electronic Gadget]’s empty battery slot, then combine with the [Battery] to get the [Detonator]. Return to the [Shower Room] and attach to the plastic explosive to blast a hole.

Fight to the [STARS Office], then exit the office.

Raccoon City Outskirts [Jill]

Now you’ll swap back to Jill. Save all the [Mine Rounds] you can. Ahead, you’ll encounter [Nemesis] in a large boss battle.

To damage [Nemesis], avoid its attacks until it begins circling the arena. Stick a [Mine Round] in its path to knock it down, then shoot the exposed ‘heart’. Repeat three times to defeat it.

Hospital Pt. 1 [Carlos]

Next, you’ll take control of [Carlos] in the [Hospital]. Go to [Lab Reception] and use the Intercom. Collect the [Tape Player] on the desk.

Collect the map outside the [Records Room 2F]. Go towards the [Linen Room] and jump out the window to find the [Key] in the [Courtyard]. Use the [Key] in the [Staff Room 2F] to collect the [Hospital ID Card].

  • Don’t miss the [Tactical Grip (Assault Rifle)] weapon upgrade when you drop into the [Courtyard]. Before hopping the barricade, it’s to the right.
  • Use the [Hospital ID Card] to unlock the [Operating Room 1F] door. There are loads of useful items inside the optional room.

Go to the [Nurse’s Station 2F] and use the [Hospital ID Card] to unlock the path to the [Treatment Room]. Take the [Audiocassette Tape] from the [Treatment Room] and combine it with the [Tape Player].

  • In the [Nurse’s Station], open the safe with the code [9-3] to acquire the [Dual Magazine (Assault Rifle)] upgrade.

Use [Tape Player (Tape Inserted)] on the Voice-Lock door in [Lab Reception]. Use the computer in the back of the locked laboratory. Collect the [Vaccine Sample] from the coldroom that unlocks, then return to Jill. Use the [Vaccine Sample] on Jill.

Collect everything in the room and prepare for a siege. Use [Flash Grenades] when the power goes out against the Hunter. Use the [Breaker] to restore power.

  • Don’t miss the [Hip Pouch] in the [Lobby] Breaker Room.

Use the [Detonator] on the C4 near the Lobby entrance when zombies breach through. Hold out to complete this Carlos section. Next, you’ll swap back to Jill to complete the rest of the game.