Resident Evil 3 Remake: All 20 Mr. Charlie Locations | Collectibles Guide

Mr. Charlie is a toy statue you’ll find hidden all throughout Resident Evil 3 remake — he’s a completely optional collectible that’s always stuck in hard-to-find locations.

You won’t get an amazing reward for finding them all, either. It’s just some points for the shop and an achievement / trophy. But, if you’re like me, you’re running through the story multiple times to earn more kills, grab more points, and farm challenges to get the best stuff for those Nightmare or Inferno runs.

Basically, this is a nice little diversion while you’re replaying the campaign. Finding all 20 is pretty tricky, so we’ve got the exact locations listed in the text guide below. The maps are very well marked in these Resident Evil remakes, so you should have no problem following these straightforward instructions.

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All 20 Mr. Charlie Locations | Collectibles Guide

Mr. Charlie statues are tiny bobbleheads. Shoot them (or stab them) to collect them. When they shatter, they’re collected permanently. You won’t need to shoot them again if you start a New Game.

Mr. Charlie #1: Redstone Street Station – When you first arrive at the station with Carlos, don’t enter the station. Instead, go back upstairs to find this toy between a blue / red news vendor.

Mr. Charlie #2: Donut Shop – Found behind the counter, in the far-right between the wall and the microwave.

Mr. Charlie #3: 2F Warehouse – In the warehouse in the second floor of the building opposite the Pharmacy. Found on the upper yellow shelf in the center of the room, between boxes.

Mr. Charlie #4: Subway Office Control Room – Found under the control station, to the left of the console you’ll use to solve a puzzle.

Mr. Charlie #5: Substation Control Room – Found on top of the cabinet, opposite the exterior door / control panel.

Mr. Charlie #6: Toy Uncle – Use the [Lock Pick] to unlock the Toy Uncle. The toy is on the Mega Man display.

Mr. Charlie #7: Sewers – Near the [Lab], to the left of the ladder, look on the right corner of the metal grating.

Mr. Charlie #8: Sewers – After opening the Electronic Lock to the exit, turn around at the stairs and you’ll see this easy-to-miss Charlie.

Mr. Charlie #9: RPD Exterior – Unlock the gate outside Kendo’s Gun Shop, and you’ll enter a house. Straight ahead on the shelf.

Mr. Charlie #10: Police Station – Switching to Carlos, you’ll get a cutscene and appear at the front doors. Before going inside, turn around and go through the tunnel. Look on a brick planter up the steps.

Mr. Charlie #11: Safety Deposit Room – In the Police Station, look on a high shelf in the back-left corner of the room.

Mr. Charlie #12: Subway Tunnels – After switching to Jill, leave the Dilapidated Shelter and look in the second bunkroom on the right. It’s under a bench.

Mr. Charlie #13: Clock Tower Plaza – Before crossing the bridge and encountering Nemesis, look in the plaza for a police truck. To the right, next to a crate, you’ll find a toy.

Mr. Charlie #14: Hospital – On a stretcher, right in the hallway outside the Lab Reception room.

Mr. Charlie #15: Rooftop – Later in the Hospital, you’ll reach the second floor. Exiting the double doors to the roof, turn around and look at the ground to your right.

Mr. Charlie #16: Sickroom – Enter the sickroom through the right-hand door and look in the small trash bin.

Mr. Charlie #17: Hospital – In the hidden garage area through the locked door in the hospital, look for this toy on a forklift before riding the elevator down to the Storage Facility.

Mr. Charlie #18: Underground Storage – In the large room, when you’re squeezing through the narrow space between two shelves, look on the warehouse shelves to your right.

Mr. Charlie #19: NEST 2 – Reach the 2F room with the [Vaccine Equipment]. Step onto the balcony and look in the corner.

Mr. Charlie #20: NEST 2 – Next to the stack of crates in 2F. Go to Lab 1, and enter the small barricaded section of hallway to find the final Mr. Charlie.